Biryani Saves Livelihood For This Couple During Coronavirus Outbreak

written by Diksha Kapoor | October 17, 2020

The 2020 coronavirus outbreak has increased the level of stress among humans. Since March 2020 coronavirus is increasing and nothing is getting back to normal. In March a nationwide lockdown was declared and people were in their homes. While businesses took breaks, many people lost their jobs during this pandemic.

Here is the story of Rohit Sardana,  a man who also lost his job because of lockdown, and how his wife's Biryani came in as a lifesaver.

A couple from Delhi has become an inspiration to many; both are a perfect example of an ode to love and the strength of an amazing partnership. The duo started selling Biryani on the streets of Delhi after the husband lost his job. Rohit worked with a cosmetic company located in Delhi and lost his job when corona hit.


Rohit was in search of a new job but wasn't able to get one, he was putting a lot of efforts but nothing happened, one day his wife Rajni got an idea of starting their own work and earning from it. They managed to arrange a small space in their car and started selling Biryani on the street side.

When asked about the preparations of making the meal, Rajni revealed that she wakes up at 5-5:30 early in the morning and starts preparing Biryani and it takes her almost 4 hours to do so. Afterward, they start selling the meal during the day time till evening. They started with zero knowledge of how they will sell their Biryani and now they have gone viral all over the city and people truly love their Biryani.

The duo has made people appreciate the efforts made by them and how they both stood by each other in this time. Rajni has proved herself as an idol wife who stood by her husband when he was going through a lot of stress and had nothing to do.


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