Ranbir Kapoor Summoned by ED in Mahadev Online Betting App Case

Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor was summoned by ED in connection with the Mahadev online betting app case, putting him in legal trouble.

Reported by: PTC Punjabi Desk | Edited by: Ritika Nath  |  October 04th 2023 06:37 PM |  Updated: October 04th 2023 06:37 PM

Ranbir Kapoor Summoned by ED in Mahadev Online Betting App Case

The Enforcement Directorate (ED) has summoned Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor in connection with the Mahadev online betting app case, putting him in legal trouble. On October 10, Kapoor, who is well-known for his significant roles in the film business, was told to appear before the investigation team. 

This development was discovered as a result of an ongoing investigation into likely money-laundering activities connected to the Mahadev Online Book App, a betting site with a United Arab Emirates (UAE) headquarters.

Kapoor's Role as an Influencer

Ranbir Kapoor participated in marketing campaigns for the app while acting as a social media influencer for the Mahadev online betting platform. In accordance with reports, he was compensated for supporting and promoting the platform across a number of digital media. Given his involvement with the app and its financial activities, the ED chose to summon Kapoor.

Ranbir Kapoor summoned by ED 

Ranbir Kapoor has been clearly asked to appear before the Raipur office of the Enforcement Directorate on October 6 for questioning. 

The Mahadev online betting app case is the subject of an investigation by the ED that reportedly includes 14–15 additional actors and celebrities in addition to Kapoor. The agency is also anticipated to contact these people soon with a summons. 

The Charges Against Mahadev Online Betting App

From Dubai, Sourabh Chandrakar and Ravi Uppal's business was running the Mahadev online betting app. The organization allegedly used a benami (proxy) bank account network to attract new customers, create fictitious identification documents, and launder money through the online book betting application, according to allegations made by the ED.

Additionally, the ED's investigation has shown that the Mahadev Online Book App runs out of a main headquarters in the United Arab Emirates. It operates by franchising "Panel/Branches" to trusted partners, according to a profit-sharing ratio of 70-30.

As part of their investigation into the alleged money laundering networks linked to the Mahadev Online Book App, the central investigative agency conducted investigations in many Indian cities, including Kolkata, Bhopal, and Mumbai. This betting site, which has its headquarters in the UAE, is suspected of aiding massive hawala trades to move gambling winnings to foreign accounts.

 According to reports, the promoters of the betting platform paid these celebrities a sizeable sum of 40 crore to attend a party at a seven-star luxury hotel in Dubai on September 18 of the current year. These payments are currently being investigated as part of the ongoing probe.


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