Red Chillies Entertainment Strikes Back: Criminal Complaints Filed Over 'Jawan' Pirated Copies

Jawan's production house Red Chilles Entertainment, has enlisted the help of multiple anti-piracy agencies.

Reported by: PTC Punjabi Desk | Edited by: Ritika Nath  |  September 14th 2023 05:50 PM |  Updated: September 14th 2023 05:50 PM

Red Chillies Entertainment Strikes Back: Criminal Complaints Filed Over 'Jawan' Pirated Copies

In recent times, the movie 'Jawan' has become incredibly popular. However, this surge in popularity has given rise to a significant problem - piracy. Unauthorized clips and the entire film have been leaked on various online platforms. To combat this issue, Red Chillies Entertainment has decided to take strict actions against those who are sharing these clips or uploading them on platforms like WhatsApp.

To fight piracy, the production house has enlisted the help of multiple anti-piracy agencies. These agencies are working aggressively to identify and track down individuals and groups involved in piracy. Once identified, they are reported to the police, leading to criminal actions against those responsible for spreading pirated content.

Recently, Red Chillies Entertainment filed a formal police complaint with Police Inspector Mr. Amar Patil at the Santacruz West Police Station against individuals engaged in piracy.

A source closely associated with the production house stated, "We have already located pirated accounts operated by individuals on various platforms. We are taking legal action against them for releasing pirated content from the film 'Jawan.' Piracy is a significant issue that affects the entire film industry, undermining the hard work of thousands of people involved in the making of a film. Illegally recording and leaking content amounts to cheating, theft, and infringement of intellectual property."

The production house has found clear evidence that the pirated content was unlawfully accessed and stolen by individuals distributing it illegally for monetary gains. Such actions would not have been possible without a criminal conspiracy involving the accused. Therefore, criminal actions will be pursued against both individuals and groups involved in these activities.

Meanwhile, Shah Rukh Khan's 'Jawan' continues to perform well at the global box office. Within its first week, the film crossed the impressive milestone of ₹650 crore in worldwide gross earnings. Additionally, it sold over 9.7 lakh tickets on Wednesday, marking a successful start to its theatrical run.


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