Sharvari’s got a Batman vs Superman connection in Munjya!

Sharvari has been ruling people’s hearts with her performance as well as the breath-taking dance number Taras in her hit film Munjya. She has now been voted as the second most popular celebrity in India as Munjya has become a blockbuster success story!

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Sharvari’s got a Batman vs Superman connection in Munjya!

Sharvari is captivating audiences with her stunning performance and mesmerizing dance number "Taras" in the hit film Munjya. Her popularity has soared, recently being voted as the second most popular celebrity in India, as Munjya enjoys blockbuster success. What many might not know is that Munjya has a surprising connection to major superhero films like Batman vs Superman and Justice League.

About Munjya

Munjya, rooted in Maharashtrian folklore, features a ghost brought to life through extraordinary CGI work. This character, crafted by top Hollywood VFX company DNEG, under the leadership of Brad Minnich, has left audiences in awe. DNEG is renowned for their work on iconic Hollywood films such as Batman vs Superman and Justice League.

Sharvari's Success Graph

Reflecting on the film’s success, Sharvari shared, “My producer Dinesh Vijan and director Aditya Sarpotdar aimed to deliver an unparalleled theatrical experience with Munjya. They were determined that the CGI character had to amaze viewers, so Dinesh sir enlisted the best VFX company to realize their vision. Seeing the CGI character for the first time blew me away, and it’s clear the audience feels the same, contributing to our film’s massive success.”

Sharvari described her on-set experience as enriching, stating, “While shooting, we only had a reference for what the CGI character would eventually look like. Seeing the final result was incredible. This character has truly captivated people. Brad Minnich did an exceptional job, and I feel incredibly fortunate to have worked closely with him at this stage in my career.”

She further elaborated on the collaborative process, “Brad was on set every day, engaging in detailed discussions with Aditya sir. Listening to their conversations and absorbing their insights helped me understand Munjya better and enhanced my performance.”

Munjya Box Office Collection

Munjya has not only won hearts but also triumphed at the box office, amassing a remarkable Rs 64.75 crores as of June 18. With its blend of traditional folklore and cutting-edge technology, the film stands as a testament to the power of innovative storytelling in Indian cinema.


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