Shweta Bachchan Shares Hilarious Anecdotes About Jaya Bachchan on YouTube Podcast

Written by  Prerit Chauhan   |  February 17th 2024 03:00 PM  |  Updated: February 17th 2024 03:00 PM

Shweta Bachchan Shares Hilarious Anecdotes About Jaya Bachchan on YouTube Podcast

In the realm of podcasts, where conversations span from the mundane to the profound, a recent episode of 'What The Hell Navya' podcast hosted by Shweta Bachchan brought forth delightful revelations about her mother, the esteemed actress Jaya Bachchan. This engaging podcast, available on YouTube, has garnered attention for its candid discussions, with the latest season unfolding its second chapter, comprising three insightful episodes.

During the latest installment, Shweta Bachchan, alongside her mother Jaya Bachchan, embarked on a journey down memory lane, sharing anecdotes and shedding light on intimate family habits. Among the humorous anecdotes recounted was Shweta's reminiscence of her childhood encounters with her mother's peculiar hair care routine: the application of onion juice. Shweta amusingly recalled how the pungent aroma of onion juice would permeate their home, prompting her desire for escape. The trio shared laughter as they reminisced about this peculiar memory, highlighting the warmth and humor that permeates their familial bonds.

In response to Shweta's playful recollection, Jaya Bachchan gracefully acknowledged the necessity of onion juice in hair care, despite its displeasing odor. Such candid exchanges between mother and daughter offer glimpses into the dynamics of their relationship, showcasing a blend of affection and lighthearted banter.

Furthermore, the podcast episode unveiled intriguing insights into the sleeping habits shared within the Bachchan family. Shweta revealed her penchant for sleeping similarly to her children, offering a glimpse into the comforting routines that anchor familial relationships. Jaya Bachchan and Navya Naveli, Shweta's daughter, also contributed their own anecdotes, further enriching the episode with familial warmth and relatable moments.

Listeners eager to delve into this captivating episode can find it on Navya Naveli's official YouTube channel, where it promises laughter, nostalgia, and intimate glimpses into the lives of the Bachchan family.

Beyond the podcast realm, Shweta Bachchan's familial and professional life shines with its own spotlight. Married to Delhi's esteemed businessman Nikhil Nanda, Shweta balances her roles as a mother and an author, while also lending her expertise to her husband's business endeavors. Their union has brought forth two children, Navya and Agastya Nanda, with Agastya recently marking his Bollywood debut in the film 'The Archies'. Despite her distance from the film industry, Shweta Bachchan continues to command attention and admiration, standing as a testament to the multifaceted nature of modern womanhood.


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