Here's what Arbaaz Khan has to say about his son, Arhaan Khan's friendly bond with the Paparazzi community!

Written by  Durtimans   |  February 16th 2024 01:31 PM  |  Updated: February 16th 2024 01:31 PM

Here's what Arbaaz Khan has to say about his son, Arhaan Khan's friendly bond with the Paparazzi community!

Bollywood fandom in undoubtedly larger than life and wider than one's curiosity! In-fact people seek to entertain themselves by delving their soul into knowing the lives of the favorite celebirty and staying updated on everything, from what they eat, where they go and to whom they dating. It interests people more than their movies! One of the core interests that enthralls people are young generation of the Bollywood stars, their kids! Arhaan Khan is one of the many celebrity starlet who is pretty famous among the entertainment media, infact he has been known as the most friendliest starkid to befriend the paparazzi community even way before marking his Bollywood debut. 


Arbaaz Khan on his son Arhaan's friendly equation with paps

Recently, his father Arbaaz Khan has shared some interesting insights on his son, Arhaan Khan's friendly equation with the entertainment media and vividly described the reason behind so. During a fresh interview, father Arbaaz Khan opened up about Arhaan's friendliness and told it was held long back, when he was a little child. But the process took time, over the period of long years, he started interacting with the paps with much ease, which they have acquired as a liking toward his and Malaika's son. Comparing Arhaan's starting phase of media with his own-self, he said, "After getting married, I have become comfortable. It has taken me years to feel at ease in front of the press, and stand and smile." 

Arhaan's friendliness is at his advantage

Arbaaz, who is an actor himself and has entered the Bollywood extravaganza during 1996. Proceeding further the line, he confessed that intially he was a very shy actor as he wouldn't pay a damn to any of the pap culture. It was either way fine, whether they notices him in public or they dont, he gasped. Continuing with the interviewee question, Arbaaz revealed that the core reason for a good bond between Arhaan and the paps is that Arhan has himself started getting involved with the paps in a very friendly manner that has eventually led a bridge of connection among them. "He has realized that in this era, this is something that is unavoidable. The easier you accept it, the easier you bring it into your life, and probably use it to your advantage, the better it is," he said. He was further asked about Arhaan's Bollywood debut which he denied and said it is not happening any sooner as the starlet is currently working on building himself up, hence people has to wait for getting see Arhaan into the silver screens. 


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