Ileana D'Cruz Delights Fans with Son Koa's Playful Nibble; 'How has my boy gotten so big'

Written by  Durtimans   |  February 28th 2024 12:07 PM  |  Updated: February 28th 2024 12:07 PM

Ileana D'Cruz Delights Fans with Son Koa's Playful Nibble; 'How has my boy gotten so big'

Actress Ileana D'cruz has been lately basking her new phase of life of motherhood with her first baby son, Koa Phoenix Dolan, which she has welcomed last year. Ever since her pregnancy phase, she has openly flaunted her whole journey among the fanatics until today, and we ain't complaining. Recently, the actress has shared an another enthralling moment gotten captured by her toddler's bite. The picture featured her bitten palm and we are all in awe to see her embracing her phase of motherhood with so much pride and joy.


Ileana's palm got bitten by son Koa 

Well, it is no joke to be a mother, specially for a lady who is so well connected with a glitzy film industry as such like Bollywood, but Ileana seems to be be rather enjoying the whole rollercoaster journey of being a mother. Just like her previous updates shared with her young son Koa, she has once again enthralled her fans with the palm post on her social. On Wednesday morning, she has taken over her instagram handle and shared the bite glimpse on her story. While sharing the photo on her gran's story she also embedded it with a tooth emoji, reflecting her joyous joy with Koa's fast growth. Below the story, she captioned, "Umm, how has my baby gotten so big?"

Her previous post

Well speaking of her recently shared feelings of motherhood, the actress has even shared a post on her gram on 26th February, 2024. The post, originally from The Mum Crew, depicted the whole journey of various ups and down of becoming and living a mom's life. It humorously stated, "I tucked my kid into bed and said ‘see you in the morning’ and then we both laughed and saw each other 17 more times until sunrise." Meanwhile, the post also has a melting face emoji that featured her overall experience with her baby son, Koa Phoenix Dolan. 


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