Radhika Merchant finally talks about choosing Jamnagar as their Pre-Wedding venue; Refers as her 'Karma Bhoomi'

Written by  Durtimans   |  March 07th 2024 02:45 PM  |  Updated: March 07th 2024 02:45 PM

Radhika Merchant finally talks about choosing Jamnagar as their Pre-Wedding venue; Refers as her 'Karma Bhoomi'

Just until few days back, March started off with the Ambani's ruling over the global headlines! Big fat wedding, Asia's richest Man, Pre-wedding worth Rs. 1000 crore, Rihanna comes to India for a private concert, Anant Ambani's Vantara, Anant and Radhika Ambani in diamonds and SWAROVSKI crystals and ask what not. The Reliance household has surely made the globe under their name with their youngest heir's pre-wedding festivities that took place in Gujarat's Jamnagar. Pulling off guest attnedees from the global frontiers, previously Nita Ambani has indeed gave the people with vivid reasons of why Jamnagar. The place gave birth to the Ambani. This is where the first industry was set up by the household, she revealed. But as the days went by, we are enthralled to finally hear Radhika Merchant's POV on opting the small city of Gujarat. 

Radhika Merchant talks about choosing Jamnagar as their Pre-wedding venue

While speaking to a global media forum, the bride-to-be Radhika Merchant has opened up about the pre-wedding venue. Set in the backdrop of Gujarat's Jamnagar, Radhika expressed behind choosing Jamnagar as the union point by her and husband-to-be Anant Ambani. According to her this place paves back to their household's long running legacy, "It was a way of honoring their roots and the family’s legacy," she told. Jamnagar holds a special place in her heart as she and her husband-to-be stays most of their time at Jamnagar while working. "It is also where Anant’s grandmother, Kokilaben, was born and truly where our heart is. Anant and I both believe that this is our karma bhoomi or land of duty," she adds.

Attaining global attention towards Vantara! 

Proceeding further Miss Merchant expressed her feeling of gratitude as she feels extremely lucky and priviledged to have a life that not everyone has the power of attaining global attention like hers. The main motto behind her extravagant pre-wedding was to pull everyone's attention towards the iniiative Vantara, the largest animal rehabilitation center in the world that she and Anant has poured their hearts in. 

Ambani's Royal Pre-Wedding Festivity

The three day festivity held at Gujarat's Jamnagar from 1st March 2024 finally came to an end on 3rd of March marking the icnonic sangeet ceremony which had a long catalogue of progarmmes that were set for each day of the pre-wedding, all diferred from one another, bigger-better and of-cource each screamed money, richness amd sheer luxury, which only the Ambani's can pull off with such ease. As per the sources, the pre-wedding itself costed about Rs. 1000 crore which is just 0.01% of Mukesh Ambani's net worth, has witnessed some of the most amazing moments in the history of customary regality. Meanwhile, both the love birds are going to get married during July 2024. 


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