Rakul Preet Singh recounts Jackky Bhagnani's initial meet with her dad, who is also a retired army officer!

Written by  Durtimans   |  March 12th 2024 02:13 PM  |  Updated: March 12th 2024 02:13 PM

Rakul Preet Singh recounts Jackky Bhagnani's initial meet with her dad, who is also a retired army officer!

It was during the last month, when the entertainment headlines were basked under the names of actor Rakul Preet Singh and Jackky Bhagnani as the lover duo has finally got hitched, after being in a relationship for long years. Both of them got married through a surreal ceremony under the backdrop of picturesque Goa and in absolute no time the snapshot of their rituals went viral, in the forms heavenly visuals of pictures as well as videos. Recently during an interview, the actress has recalled an enthralling moment, back from their family-mingling moments with Jackky Bhagnani, more specifically with her father who according to Rakul has padded anxiousness while raising his intentions with Rakul.

Jackky Bhagnani's first meeting with Rakul Preet's parents 

During a recent interview with a renown media outlet, Rakul Preet Singh talked about many aspects of her life, her love and marriage with Jackky and took us back to his first meeting with her family. The moment of recounting the 'meet' came when she was asked whether it was a moment of anxiousness for him and her as the 'Man' of the family holds a strong Army background, been a retired Indian army officer for FYI. To the question, Rakul announced that even she, herself was pretty nervous during that moment when he visited her home for the first time, on the occasion of her mother's birthday. 

Rakul Preet Singh suggets her father no to make things awkward

While confessing, she said that she tried to brief her father regarding jackky's impending visit to their abode and assured him to be cool and calm, not making things awkward with her loverboy, as he do not belong from the Army background. Just as other fathers, her father intended to do the same and asked him very straighforward questions, but Jackky was well prepared, Rakul confirmed. As stated earlier, while briefing her father of not turning things too awkward as they have started dating and told him to just "see the boy." She ven assured her now husband that she has handled everything with her father and told him to relax a little as he is not going to inquire much. 

The questions bombarded on Jackky Bhagnani

The fun part came in the conversation, when her then Army father went too straight with his questions and took re-assurance about his sheer intentions with daughter, Rakul Preet Singh. She said, "Then we were having lunch and my dad asked him what his plan was. He started with plans for his next release Mission Raniganj. My dad just said, ‘work and all is good, but what is your plan with my daughter?’ My food got stuck in my throat." While stating further she basked on the moment when Jackky has won her father's heart. "The funniest thing was that he just took it very well and said, ‘whenever she is ready, I am ready.’ And that was it, my father became a fan," she expressed joyously. 


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