Shah Rukh Khan on playing James Bond! Says, 'I am too short...brown enough..'

Written by  Durtimans   |  February 14th 2024 05:13 PM  |  Updated: February 14th 2024 05:13 PM

Shah Rukh Khan on playing James Bond! Says, 'I am too short...brown enough..'

If not wrong, Shah Rukh Khan is the biggest star the countrymen has ever seen. Speaking in a nutshell, with his acing prowess of acting and achievements, he is the most celebrated actor of the Bollywood industry. He ammassses an endless fan following not only from India but globally! Like every other year, SRK had a blastful year this time too. With a handy number of superhit films, he has served some impeccable performance once again. Being this powerful and talented, can we imagine the star playing iconic James Bond? Ofcousre who wouldn't. Khan was recently asked with the same question and he had some interesting answers under his sleeves. But to know them, you have to continue reading below.


SRK replies on playing James Bond? 

The starriest star of the Bollywood realm, Shah Rukh Khan has been recently spotted at the World Government Summit 2024 in Dubai who has attended the event extravganza as one of the core speaker among the other global dignitaries. In the event, Shah Rukh spoke about numerous aspects in his life, from being a speaker at the 11th edition of the Summit to his acting career, he left absolutely no chunks to leave his fans amazed. During of it's session, 'The Making Of A Star: A Conversation With Shah Rukh Khan', he sarcastically introduced himself as iconic Bond by saying, 'I am James Bond' when asked about his name. Continuing further on the questions round, he was raised with the question on playing James Bond to which he said, "I really wanted to, but I think I am too short... But I am brown enough to play the Bond baddie." 

Shah Rukh Khan's most anticipated cameo is 'Toxic' 

Shah Rukh Khan, even at his mid age never seems settling for the less as the actor contributes to cinema every year, with a whole new avatar, in a whole new storyline and a creator. Although the star has a lot of projects hidden under his sleeves but what is more interesting for the masses is his extended cameo in the Yash starrer film 'Toxic'. As per the reports, the makers of Toxic, including director Mohandas has approached SRK for the callaboration. A source closer to the production has revealed the news while saying, "Shah Rukh Khan is at the peak of his career and every director is looking to collaborate with him at the moment. Earlier in the year, Yash, Geetu Mohandas, and Toxic makers approached Shah Rukh Khan for an extended cameo in the gangster-based actioner. It’s an author-backed role and not one of those just added for a gimmick. There is a proper track for the character which has been offered to SRK, and the makers are hoping to have him on board."


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