Vikrant Massey Birthday special; Here's how the '12th Fail' actor first broke into acting and cinema?

Written by  Durtimans   |  April 03rd 2024 02:33 PM  |  Updated: April 03rd 2024 02:33 PM

Vikrant Massey Birthday special; Here's how the '12th Fail' actor first broke into acting and cinema?

Vikrant Massey is one of the most caliber worthy actor of the newest Bollywood who is currently riding high on his marvelous acclamation received for his 2023 biopic drama '12th Fail'. Directed by Vidhu Vinod Chopra, the 2023 biopic drama gave immense popularity to the star but he is not just about '12th fail' rather he has served his acting prowess in numerous other OTT projects which feels almost fine like wine as the actor he is. The versatile with so many acclaimed performnaces on his sleeves, the star has turned 37 years today. But his starry journey wasn't not something to leave out of a chaff as he had his own struggles and back stories before landing into the realm of Indian cinema.

Vikrant Massey has acted for Rs. 6000! 

Just like other actors with no filmy background, Vikrant Massey has his own parts of breaking into the cinema. Ever since from his younghood, he dreamt of becoming an actor and tried honing his skills throughout the ages. But his story of landing into acting is sort of unique. During a previous interview with a renown media forum, Massey disclosed his first time making an acting debut where he was approached outside a restroom queue by a woman who asked him whether he could act. The rare moment intrigued Vikrant and agreed on meeting when her was charged only Rs. 6000 for the part. 

But even with such a modest pay he encountered the opportunity as a great chance to land into his forever dreams and kickstart his filmy journey. Thus he accepted the offer and ventured into his first role as a actor for honing his craft and destine his own name into the realm of Bollywood.

Vikrant Massey's work front

Speaking of his workfront, Vikrant Massey was last seen in vidhu Vinod Chopra's biopic drama '12th Fail' which has garnered him immense fame and respect within the Indian fanatics. Apart from that, the actor is currently gearing up for a collaboration with Rajkumar Hirani in an upcoming project, which will be a cyber crime drama, as revealed by the sources. Lately it has been claimed that the upcoming collaboration marks one of Vikrant's most prolific project that will signal his cinematic prowess through the enigmatic intricacies of the digital world.


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