Virat Kohli Shares Picture-Perfect Date Night Photo with Anushka Sharma, Fans React with Hilarious 'Gambhir' Comments

Virat Kohli Shares Sweet Date Night Snap with Anushka Sharma, Fans Can't Get Enough of the Couple's Cute Chemistry and 'Gautam Gambhir' Comments

Written by  Entertainment Desk   |  May 05th 2023 03:56 PM  |  Updated: May 05th 2023 07:44 PM

Virat Kohli Shares Picture-Perfect Date Night Photo with Anushka Sharma, Fans React with Hilarious 'Gambhir' Comments

The love story of Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma is one that has captured the hearts of many in Bollywood. Their adorable public displays of affection and fun-loving nature make them one of the most admired couples in the industry. Recently, Virat shared a picture of him and his wife on social media that has sent fans into a frenzy.

The photo, which was presumably taken during a dinner outing, features Anushka beaming from ear to ear while Virat holds her from behind with a serious, yet almost smiling expression. Anushka looks stunning in a bright orange dress with bold lips and minimal makeup, while Virat opts for a more casual and relaxed look.

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The post has received an outpouring of love and praise from fans, with many commending the couple on their relationship and wishing them all the best. Some fans also took the opportunity to leave funny comments about Gautam Gambhir, due to the recent heated fight between Kohli and Gambhir during the match.

Anushka Prepping For Her Cannes Debut

Meanwhile, Anushka is preparing to make her debut at the Cannes Film Festival. She will be following in the footsteps of other Bollywood stars like Deepika Padukone, Aishwarya Rai, and Hina Khan, who have previously graced the red carpet at the prestigious event. This marks a major milestone in Anushka's career, and fans are eagerly anticipating her appearance at the festival along with Kate Winslet.

It's not just their relationship and career accomplishments that make Virat and Anushka an inspiring couple. They are also well-known for their charitable endeavors, and have used their platform to advocate for various social causes. The couple recently started a fundraiser to support India's COVID-19 relief efforts, and have been actively raising awareness about the importance of getting vaccinated.

In conclusion, Virat and Anushka are a power couple in every sense of the word. Their love, career achievements, and philanthropic efforts make them a true inspiration for many.


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