Vivek Vaswani on Shah Rukh Khan's alleged rumors of sexual affair; Defends and calls him 'one-woman man all his life'

Written by  Durtimans   |  February 23rd 2024 03:01 PM  |  Updated: February 23rd 2024 03:01 PM

Vivek Vaswani on Shah Rukh Khan's alleged rumors of sexual affair; Defends and calls him 'one-woman man all his life'

Even after accessing one of the most starriest life in the world, one's personal life dosn't remain un-affected, specially if you are a Bollywood fame, and specially if you're Shah Rukh Khan? Ofcourse one can't be at his place but whatever we hear and see, people do come up with alleged falsehoods that flows like a flood within the fiery Bollywood industry and same has happened numerous times with Badshah too. Whether it be his aged rumor of love affair with global star Priyanka Chopra or his previous stories of sexuals affairs, SRK had his own parts of rigidity within the entertainment realm.


The producer denies Shah Rukh Khan's alleged affairs

Recently during a YouTube chat show, actor cum producer Vivek Vaswani described Shah Rukh Khan's personality as a man and had his definition of 'one man woman' for the superstar. Vaswani, who has close bonds with the Khan family from ages earlier, both professionally and personally gave a vidid light on SRK's lasting character. When asked about whether the previous rumors regarding the star of his sexual affairs are true to which he instantly denied and had his reasons. As per the producer, the actor is a one woman devotee and affirmed SRK's unwavering affection to his wife Gauri Khan.

During the talk show, Vivek dismissed such claims against the star and stated, "He’s not that sort. I don’t know where the rumors came from." According to him, SRK came from a non-filmy background, he has suffered his lows within the industry and he is that sort who sat on a marriage at quite early. He knows the pressure of a career and a family very well and "There was a relationship of friendship but there was no relationship of sex," he emphasized.


SRK is not that kind of person  

Affirming SRK's true character he uttered the truths of the industry. As per him, the aftermath of becoming a superstar comes with huge responsibilities and many rumors starts circulating that you can't hold ur control off. Speaking about SRK specifically, he told us, "From the time I have known him, he has been a one-woman man all his life. How many flings have you heard of? We have had one rumor of Priyanka Chopra, that also it's a rumor, but what else have we heard of Shah Rukh? Nothing. He’s not that kind of a person." Continuing further he recalled the last time when he met SRK and he basked his family man nature. According to Vivek, he has met the superstar in 2018 when he was invited to his birthday part held at Mannat. "I went to SRK's birthday party four years ago. He told me specifically, 'Sir, aa jaao, bachchon se milvana chahta hoon (Sir, come, I want you to meet my kids). I had great fun at the party. When we meet, we are very good," re revealed. 

Speaking of Shah Rukh Khan's professional front, he gave three big blockbuster's of Bollywood in 2023, which were Pathaan, Jawan and Dunki respectively. Among the three, Pathaan and Jawan turned out two of his biggest blockbuster in his long historical career.  Meanwhile, Rajkumar Hirani's directoria;l Dunki faced mixed reviews from the critics. 


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