Zeenat Aman talks about her physical transformation as a celebrity; Says ageing gracefully is a 'tricky' job

Written by  Durtimans   |  March 13th 2024 02:38 PM  |  Updated: March 13th 2024 02:38 PM

Zeenat Aman talks about her physical transformation as a celebrity; Says ageing gracefully is a 'tricky' job

Veteran actress Zeenat Aman never leaves a single chunk in making her die hard fanatics revisit through her good old days. The actress started reminisching her throw back days of her career ever since she started off with her Instagram handle and we are so much liking it. Known for sharing unheard glimpses, the classic icon has recently paved fans attention not through the past of her glitzy career but towards some integral realities of living a celebrity life. Through a recent post on her gram, Zeenat ji took her fans through the concept of ageing and it's perceptualised hazards among the industry people aka celebrities.

Zeenat Aman talks about ageing gracefully as a celebrity 

Bollywood's veteran actress, Zeenat Aman has taken over her Instagram handle on Wednesday morning, 13th March, 2024 to pave light one of the most 'not-spoken' phenomena of the glittery industry. While sharing a black & white picture, she quotted off while saying, "I am often told that I have aged gracefully." proceeding further, she said that it is no hard in maintaining a good physical appearance when someone's a celebrity, beacsue it is not just he/she but a whole team drooling to make that person look like a doll till a great certainty. "On a physical level, it isn’t that extraordinary. The rarified atmosphere of stardom is geared precisely towards this purpose. Any “star” you see has a team of people in the wings - nutritionists, personal trainers, make up artists, hair stylists, clothes stylists, dermatologists, dentists, sometimes cosmetic surgeons and more - working frantically to smooth their hair, erase their wrinkles, cinch their waist, and doll them up, all while the star themself projects nonchalance," she quipped. 


Ageing emotionally with grace is tough!

Meanwhile, it is the emotional grace which is a tough part to maintain for a long time. That's 'tricky' she said. Continuing further, she said, "I know that being famous, or "on trend" as they say, invariably invites clout chasers and those desperate for a modicum of your relevance to rub off on them any which way. So what if it involves blatant lies! It’s just surprising when such behaviour comes from someone you expected better from. I wish I could say most people leave these idiotic antics behind in their youth, but alas that’s not the case." Just below her long note, she remarked that the case is no different, as it is the same story that revolves every other year. Zeenat also flaunted her Griselda inspired look, as with her last revelation on the caption stated!


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