Chausar Review: Compelling Punjabi political series that makes you think

written by Ritika Nath | February 21, 2022

A tale of politics, one-upmanship, betrayal, and power games. A depiction of what goes behind the running of political parties in the region of Punjab, web series Chausar – The Power Games, is a narrative of the good and evil in Punjab politics.

Starring Mahabir Bhullar, Hashneen Chauhan, Mehakdeep Singh, Narjeet Singh, Ashish Duggal in lead roles, Gaurav Rana directorial ‘Chausar – The Power Games’ highlights how politics penetrates so deep into the personal lives of politicians too, that the lines get blurred. It also portrays what goes behind the various decisions, how lies and mysteries get uncovered, some don’t. The characters are driven and corrupted by power, they have depth, backed by robust script and the narrative doesn’t fumble.

The story is about the battle for political power between the rivals of the same party. Teja Singh is a seasoned political leader, who after taking retirement, is focussing on family life. However, his son Veer Pratap Singh is an aggressive and overambitious politician, who can go to any extent to get the top post. One episode in his life turns the tables around and his wife, Mannat Pratap Singh, who has no political interest is forced to jump into the poll fray. Mannat is a conservative and docile woman, who eventually turns into a fiery politician taking on the mantle of power to regain the lost political supremacy. The series is all about how she plays and survives the dirty game of politics.

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Written by Pali Bhupinder Singh, the dialogues are pointed with a realistic blend of lesser-used words of Punjabi language. The cinematography doesn’t disappoint. The camera comfortably zooms both into the political and domestic arena.

The series is not without its flaws. We see sporadic flashes of real-life events which cries for more attention. The pace of the series somehow works in its favour as it doesn't linger or lose track. Watch it to know the politics behind politics. Watch it and marvel at the scale and depth of this political web series that has nuanced portrayal of the region’s political arena. The makers have outdone themselves on this one.

Chausar – The Power Games

Launguage: Punjabi

Director: Gaurav Rana

Producer: Rabindra Narayan

Cast: Mahabir Bhullar, Hashneen Chauhan, Mehakdeep Singh, Narjeet Singh, Ashish Duggal

OTT Platform: PTC Play | Streams Feb 21

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