Deepika Padukone takes a dig at Freddy Birdy's remark as 'Newton's Law of Bollywood'

Written by  Ritika Nath   |  January 31st 2022 05:33 PM  |  Updated: January 31st 2022 05:33 PM

Deepika Padukone takes a dig at Freddy Birdy's remark as 'Newton's Law of Bollywood'

Deepika Padukone may be upping the temperature with her stunning appearances at Gehraiyaan promotions, but she's also involved in a verbal dispute about her style. Freddy Birdy, as an influencer,' recently uploaded a "Newton's Law of Bollywood" image on Instagram.

With a cryptic tweet, Deepika slammed him. The actress called him a "moron" is the "one non-fake thing she has uttered in her career," according to the influencer.

Image Source: Instagram

Freddy Birdy also expressed admiration for naming him a "moron" by saying so. After the backstory, here’s what Mr. Freddy has to say, “Dear Deepika, I am not "mocking you" for wearing tiny clothes. You can wear your hemlines to your toes or your ears. For all I care. And thank you for calling me a 'moron.' It's the only non-fake thing you've uttered in your entire career."

Freddy who has now made his Instagram account private also tagged Deepika Padukone as well as filmmaker Karan Johar and his production company Dharma Movies.

Image Source: Instagram

Regardless of his statement, it appears that he was "mocking" Deepika's attire for the film's promotions.

Freddy Birdy's influencer reputation is based on insult humor; his slams range from Delhi tourists in Goa to South Mumbai women speaking Hindi, and they're all hilarious. This time, though, the comedy is clearly sexist and disrespectful, and it has caused outrage.

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Image Source: Instagram

This unplanned and unexpected mini-fight appears to be dividing the Internet equally. His followers have put various variations on the theme of 'it was just a joke' in the comments thread of Freddy Birdy's post. Others have criticized him for his initial post's sexism.

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