History Created! Amrit Singh Becomes First Turbaned Sikh Deputy Constable In Harris County, US

written by Diksha Kapoor | January 24, 2020

Sikhs around the world have always made their community proud from wherever they are. One among those is Amrit Singh of Harris County, US State of Texas. The Indian – American law enforcement officer has scripted history by becoming the first-ever turban-wearing Sikh to be sworn in as Deputy Constable on January 21. At the age of 21, he will be the first in his profession to wear his article of faith – a turban, beard and uncut hair – in the line of duty. With his swear, the law enforcement allowed a new policy which allows law enforcement officers in nearly every single Harris County Constable’s Office to wear articles of their faith while in uniform. For Sikhs, that means being able to wear a turban and beard while on duty. Reportedly, he always wanted to work as a peace officer. He spent years in law enforcement explorer programmes and five months in a police training academy. Amrit will now go on to months of field training, after which he will be assigned to patrol within Precinct One. We congratulate the deputy constable to never lose faith and standing for what his right.


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