"I won’t be campaigning for sister Malvika in the elections because..." says Sonu Sood

written by Ritika Nath | January 13, 2022

For the past two years, Sonu Sood has been working day and night to aid those afflicted by the pandemic. During the second wave, residents were provided all available assistance, from bringing migrant workers home to medical services. Sonu Sood has recently made headlines once more.

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Prior to the Punjab Assembly elections, his sister Malvika Sood Sachar joined the Punjab Congress. After Malvika Sood joined the Punjab Congress, there were rumors that Sonu Sood might enter politics shortly or campaign for his sister. Sonu Sood has made a major decision based on these rumors.

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This time, Malvika Sood Sachar, Sonu Sood's sister, will compete for Punjab Assembly. Preparations for which are currently underway. People speculated that Sonu Sood will campaign for the sister in Punjab when she joined the Congress.

He has, however, put a stop to these rumors. Sonu Sood made it clear in an interview that he will not be campaigning for his sister Malvika.

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Image Source: Twitter

He expressed that he is happy with his sister's decision to enter Congress. She has lived there for several years and is familiar with the local difficulties. Sonu Sood expressed his delight. When Sonu Sood was asked if he planned to campaign for his sister's seat in the election, he quoted, 'This is her journey, and I have nothing to do with politics. I will continue to do what I have been doing.'

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