International Dog day: YouTube celebrates 'Canine day' with 'This' new feature

written by Ritika Nath | August 26, 2022

International Dog day: It is believed that 'dogs' are the best to have as best friends! Well, there is no denying it as the 'paw-dorbale' creature can make everyone's day.

To celebrate the affection and love pondered by the dogs, the world celebrates International Dog day every year on August 26, To celebrate the occasion, YouTube has added a 'new feature' and this is what you need to know about it.

Why International Dog Day is celebrated?

International Dog Day is celebrated worldwide on August 26 as a special day to commemorate canine friends and to raise awareness about what and how they should be treated and what are their needs.

History of International Dog Day 

The celebration was first established in 2004 by animal activist and pet lifestyle expert Colleen Paige. The reason behind choosing August 26 as International Dog Day was that she adopted her first pet 'Sheltie' on that specific date.

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Significance of International Dog Day

As per Ms Colleen Paige, the day is to 'celebrate all breeds and variety of dogs' and she sheds light on discouraging buying dogs from unethical breeders and instead opting for adoption from rescue shelters.

How YouTube is celebrating International Dog Day?

We have a plethora of videos available on YouTube which showcase the connection between a dog and its owners. To celebrate the occasion of Internation Dog Day, YouTube has added a new feature on its Home page.

If anyone clicks on the icon which shows a dog, viewers will be offered videos related to dogs.

Viewers are loving this new feature offered by YouTube for canine lovers.

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