'Lekh' Star Cast Exclusive interview: Know Gurnam Bhullar, Tania, Jagdeep Sidhu's secret confessions

written by Ritika Nath | March 22, 2022

'Lekh' Star Cast Exclusive interview: Punjabi film 'Lekh,' starring Gurnam Bhullar and Tania, is all set to release on April 1, and be it fans, star cast, or even the writer of the film, Jagdeep Sidhu, all are excited about it.

The producers are leaving no stone unturned in their efforts to increase the film's excitement. Following the release of the fascinating trailer, the film's songs are creating hype among the audience.

For the fans of Gurnam Bhullar, Tania, and Jagdeep Sidhu, here's something more interesting and exciting. In an exclusive interview with PTC Punjabi, the star cast of Lekh -- Gurnam Bhullar, Tania, and writer-director Jagdeep Sidhu -- made secret confessions that will not only delight you but also surprise you.

'I'm always afraid I will fall in love with my co-actor

Gurnam Bhullar, who has managed to make anyone fall in love with his simplicity and charm, is afraid to fall in love with his co-actors. Yes, you read that correctly. In an exclusive interview with PTC Punjabi, the Lekh star Gurnam Bhullar himself revealed that he was very young when he first realised the 'meaning of love'. He also revealed that he was in the first standard when he fell in love for the first time and during his high school days, every girl he proposed rejected him.

Further, he also mentioned that now,  he was afraid of falling in love with his co-stars every time he does a romantic film.

'I learnt Punjabi after entering film industry'

Tania, who resonates simplicity and calmness in most of her Punjabi films, holds an identical nature in reality. Lekh actress Tania revealed, while talking to PTC Punjabi in an exclusive interview, that she is very patient in nature. She also revealed that she learned Punjabi after doing her first Punjabi film 'Son of Manjeet Singh'. Sounds weird? But it is what it is.

Tania stated that she used to think that it is only a language and that she can learn it easily.

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'I can't read and write Punjabi'

Imagine a Punjabi film writer unaware of reading and writing the Punjabi language. Imagined? Now, let's come to reality. Jagdeep Sidhu, who has redefined the Punjabi movies with his spectacular romantic films also had the biggest confession that he made on PTC Punjabi. Jagdeep Sidhu, being a Punjabi film writer and director said that he doesn't know how to read and write in Punjabi to date.

Besides, the big confession, Jagdeep Sidhu also mentioned that 'Gurnam Bhullar' is the only Punjabi actor who does the romantic scenes very well.

Lekh, a combo of sentiments and emotions 

'Lekh' is one of the most precious projects for Tania, Gurnam, and Jagdeep Sidhu. The film includes sentiments and emotions which will connect the audience with its storyline, says the cast. Jagdeep Sidhu mentioned that there would be a big surprise for all the viewers with a 'superstar guest appearance'.  Everybody wants to know a big surprise but for that, you'll have to wait and watch.

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