5 Herbal Teas to Fight Against Severe Cold in North India

Regular consumption of these brewed infusions not only mitigates the harsh impact of the cold but also serves as a guardian of our overall health and vitality.

By Prerit Chauhan
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As the biting cold descends upon North India, it heralds the urgency of safeguarding our bodies against its icy grip. In this frigid climate, our physical well-being faces an array of challenges, from the ubiquitous cold, cough, to the pervasive flu. Hence, the adoption of measures to internally fortify and warm our bodies becomes paramount. Among the myriad remedies available, herbal teas emerge as a potent elixir, providing both internal warmth and a formidable defense against winter ailments. Regular consumption of these brewed infusions not only mitigates the harsh impact of the cold but also serves as a guardian of our overall health and vitality


 Five such herbal teas to include that prove highly beneficial during the onset of severe cold



Ginger Tea:

Commence the ritual by acquiring a fresh ginger piece, meticulously washing it, and crushing it delicately. Subsequently, bring a cup of water to a boil, infusing it with the crushed ginger, allowing it to steep for 5-10 minutes. Before savoring this concoction, a dash of lemon juice and honey elevates both the flavor and the therapeutic benefits. Ginger, renowned for its inherent properties, generates internal heat and boasts anti-inflammatory attributes, serving as a potent antidote for cold and cough symptoms. The consumption of ginger tea prior to exposure to cold conditions aids in sustaining the body's warmth, acting as a shield against the winter's chill.


Holy Basil (Tulsi) Herbal Tea:

The revered Holy Basil, celebrated for its profound benefits, houses an array of properties profoundly advantageous for our physical well-being. Brewing tea or a decoction from basil leaves unfolds as an especially advantageous practice during the winter months. Regular intake of basil tea or decoction significantly diminishes the risk of various diseases, making it an invaluable regimen in the cold season's arsenal.

Cinnamon Herbal Tea:


Cinnamon, a spice laden with medicinal properties, extends numerous health benefits. Imbibing cinnamon tea during the winter season proves immensely advantageous. Its inherent warmth-inducing properties play a pivotal role in enhancing internal body warmth. Additionally, the abundance of antioxidants within cinnamon safeguards our cells against the assault of free radicals, fortifying our defenses against winter-induced maladies.

Nutmeg Tea:

The unassuming nutmeg harbors a plethora of antioxidants and antibacterial properties, serving as a stalwart guardian of our immune system. Its innate warmth-generating abilities contribute significantly to regulating the body's internal temperature, rendering it a valuable asset during the colder months.

Licorice Tea:

Celebrated in various Ayurvedic remedies, the infusion of licorice root into a decoction or tea presents extensive health advantages during winter. It bolsters the immune system, serving as a formidable shield against common cold and cough issues. Moreover, licorice's heat-generating properties play a pivotal role in maintaining internal warmth, fortifying our resilience against the biting cold.


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