5 Indian destinations to witness monsoon magic in the country

Monsoons are the most beautiful season India witnesses. The rainy-wet season changes the landscape and covers it with a blanket unknown and magical. As the season arrives, let's look at some of the most breathtaking travel destinations during monsoon.

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5 Indian destinations to witness monsoon magic in the country

Monsoons are the wet rainy times of India when everything feels magic, but only if the place is worthy! No one loves wet muddy places which also might ruin your mood. Meanwhile, the season has already begun in many parts of the country giving its first onsets of rain. While it can be boring in a few places, it is also too pretty in some. Yes, in fact, some very mesmerizing places within the country provide a perfect monsoon destination for rainy vacation seekers. So let's weave it down for everyone who is looking forward to a breathtaking monsoon trip to some most worthy places in India.


Pune, Maharashtra is one of the most surreal places in the country to visit during the monsoons. In fact it is also regarded as one of the most worthiest places to experience monsoon treks. From Waterfalls to lush green mountains, the place offers the majestic experience of the Sahyadri range covering the city from all its directions. Lohagad trek, Tikona Fort, Raigad Fort, Torna trek, Rohida Fort trek, and Raireshwar trek are some most famous ones you should keep on your list.


Kodaikanal of Tamil Nadu, also known as the 'princess of hill stations'. Situated at a perfect spot in the Western Ghat mountains, the place offers a lush green picturesque landscape from every angle. The monsoons are a perfect time due to their pleasant rainfalls and average temperature ranging between 20 to 22 degrees Celsius.


One of the most perfect monsoon holiday destinations has to be 'Munnar' of Kerala. The place is also considered as one of the most suitable destinations for honeymooners. The reason is it's climate. With the ideal temperature, jaw-dropping western ghats, exclusive wildlife, and some amazing waterfalls, Munnar is a must-visit place for travelers.

Mount Abu

Mount Abu situated in Rajasthan is the perfect place for nature lovers, spirituality seekers, and adventure enthusiasts. Trekking to the peak of Mount Abu is a must-do thing for travelers. Apart from that the monsoon sky looks phenomenal during the season. Boating is another preferred experience to grab in Rajasthan's epitome of glory.


In the Eastern state of Meghalaya, Shillong has to be on the monsoon travel list. The place with the highest rainfall in the world is a place of wonder for rain lovers. With magnanimous waterfalls, picturesque sites, treks, the cleanest rivers, and lakes, and ideal long drive routes, it is surrounded by Khasi and Jayantia hills. In fact, it would be my first preference to make a prolonged visit to the eastern city.


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