Fashion for Men: 5 Statement pieces to elevate your summer wardrobe

Summers are a crucial month for all fashion lovers but it is also a very risky season for the ones who seek for winters and excessive layering. So, here I have brought a list of some of the most essential statement pieces that will elevate all the men's summer wardrobe.

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Fashion for Men: 5 Statement pieces to elevate your summer wardrobe

Summer is basking high in numerous parts of the country with its heating waves capturing the ideas for curating any summer outfit. Summers are a whole different vibe and comfort for someone who loves wearing less and minimal but for the lovers of cozy winters and layering, it is a bit tension-worthy season. Meanwhile, women are always seen as more anticipated whether it be a season of summer or winter to fit into anything due to their huge availability and choices of ensembles in the market. But people barely talk about men! What if men would love to style and wear something summer-worthy experimental outfits too? So, keeping the same thing in mind, today I have brought a few of the amazing new-age statement pieces for men to elevate their summer wardrobe. 

Cargos - Cargos are all in and are often recognized as one of the most versatile and comfortable lowers available in the street-style market. Thanks to many fashion content developers who has helped in bringing the American hip-hop wear to the Indian minds too. Cargo can be very breathable especially in the summer making it one of the most comfortable clothing pieces available for men.

Cuban Shirts - Cuban shirts are another great wardrobe-worthy piece for men in summer. Cuban shirts are flowy and comfortable collared half-sleeve shirts that are specially made for the hot and humid prevailing climate.

Caps - Caps are one of the most underrated pieces of an outfit. People don't realize the fact that wearing a cap not only serves as a shadow relief provider for the head but also a piece that accentuates your overall style, especially during the summers.

Straight Pants - In the world of fashion, it is said 'Modern men do not opt for skinny clothes'. Skinny fit lowers are a long-lost clothing style for the fashion suckers. A straight fitted pant is more comfortable and stylish. More than being a cool pair in your wardrobe it somehow adds on to your style freak personality where your legs have more space for cooling down air in the scorching summers.

Shorts and Sandals - Now you might judge me for adding shorts along with sandals for a fashion article! But trust me fashion comes from comfort. Wearing an oversized shirt with pastel shorts and street-worthy sandals on your feet not only gives you an ease of clothing but also gives you an 'A' in street fashion. It is an idea of creating an outfit where you must be playful on your upper body ensemble(Prints/color blocks/stitches) with a minimal lower and sandals that go with the lower preferably.


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