Say no to these 10 streetfoods during summer season

Eating healthy food is fine, but consuming excessive street foods, especially during summer can be extremely hazardous for your health as it welcomes many diseases to your body. So, let's see the list of such 10 extremely unhealthy street foods one must avoid during the summer.

Reported by: PTC Punjabi Desk | Edited by: Durtimans  |  June 13th 2024 03:30 PM |  Updated: June 13th 2024 03:21 PM

Say no to these 10 streetfoods during summer season

As summers are swinging through the thin air of India rapid and quick, daily lives are becoming more prone to sweat, thirst, hunger, and weakness. The scorching summers indeed make life tougher than usual and one can be blamed. Being a living being, to gain energy, food is the foremost way one opts during the days of the heat waves as that is what provides the body with energy to run for the whole day. One of the main and easiest ways to feed human stomachs has to be depending upon street foods not because they are easily available but also because they are soul-satisfying.

Filled with spices, oil, flavors and aroma, Indian street foods are no doubt mouth-watering but they are not always healthy, especially during Summer. The heat leads to quick decay and decomposition of food and ingredients more quickly as compared to winters. Apart from that, feeding your already warm stomach with more spices becomes extremely unhealthy for it to function which eventually results in indigestion and constipation. So keeping, the same thing in mind, let's see the list of such 10 extremely unhealthy street foods one must avoid during the summer. 

Street foods to avoid in summers 

Gol Gappe - The tastiest yet most disgustingly talked about food has to be very famous, Gol Gappas. Most of the vendores do not serve them clean and with no gloves and becomes a pathway for numerous stomach diseases. 

Noodles - Noodles found in the streets cause the most number of stomach infections and illnesses because they are often cooked with pre-cut veggies which can be even unwashed. 

Meat - The meats sold in the streets, of any type are no doubt finger luscious but they are highly susceptible to bacteria and parasites. 

Chutneys - Well it is not surprising to see chutneys and sauces that are given complimentary with the street foods. But these can be often stored and not fresh, hence can become a source of contamination. 

Ice Golas - Summertime in India is all about Ice Golas. They are mostly made with unclean tap water along with unhealthy food syrup to make and taste them better. 

Cut veggies & fruits - Cut foods like fruits and vegetables are becoming famous nowadays among street vendors and street food items. However, they can be very infectious if not washed properly. 

Sea Food - The Indian coastal regions are filled with seafood, of varying types, which are highly perishable. 

Spicey Foods - India is also a hub of real spicy foods and so are its streets. However consuming too much spice can be laxative for the body, especially in the summer. 

Coffee - Just like any other mainstream street food, coffee is also easily available beside the streets just like India's infamous beverage Chai. While coffee is extremely helpful for the body to keep energized, it is completely opposite during the summer. The diuretic nature of coffee, upon consumption, leads to extreme dehydration which also embarks on excessive body heat as well as temperature. 

Sugary Drinks - After coffee and Chai, one that is easily available in the streets during summer are the various sugary drinks aka mocktails. Made with flavored syrup, they contain mostly sugar which leads to easy dehydration and leaves a larger impact on blood sugar levels. 


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