Valentine Week 2024; 10 Most lovely movie recommendation to watch with your lover this Valentine

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Valentine Week 2024; 10 Most lovely movie recommendation to watch with your lover this Valentine

Valentine week has kickstarted with the biggest boom and we can't wait to celebrate the oozing week of love with our lovers. As previous years, we are here yet again to celebrate the romantic week in the most romantic way possible. Well, it is a no doubt, that there are varying ways to make this time more heated and lovely, and that is one's peresonal perceptipon of viewing things or say choices! while some couples love engaging in outdoor activities, exploring the city, hopping cafes, watching cinema, shopping and visiting galleries, others prefer it to be a quite cozy situation inside the comfort of one's couch. Going ahead with the later, Here I present you a list of some most romantic movies you can try binge watching this Valentine week.  

1.The Notebook: A 2004 movie is romantic drama directed by Nick Cassavetes. The storyline revolves around a passionate love story where a young man falls in love with a rich woman.

2. 10 Things I Hate About You: A classic teen romantic-comedy movie starring Julia Stiles, Heath Ledger, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Larisa Oleynik, directed by Gil Junger.

3. Call Me By Your Name: A beautiful movie shot in France is a love story based on two male protagonist. The cinemetography, storyline, romance are the elements worth watching for.

4. Your Name: One of the most beautiful movie from the Anime world, 'Your Name' is a 2016, romantic-fantasy directed by legendary Makoto Shinkai. The movie takes you through destiny, love, time travel and so much more. 

5. A Walk to Remeber: The 2002 movie is a masterpiece when it comes to love and romance. The movie revolves around a character who finds true love in the most unexpected way.

6. Love, Rosie: A 2014, romantic comedy is a delightfull movie of two childhood friends Rosie and Alex, realizing thier love at a certain age.

7. 500 Days of Summer: An American romantic drama comedy is a soul soothing movie for the love story seekers, directed under Marc Webb. 

8. Pride and Prejudice: The classic love story is based on Jane Austen's 1813 novel 'Pride and Prejudice'. Directed by Joe Wright, the movie came in the year of 2015 which has stolen the hearts of the masses with it's storytelling technique, visual, classic aesthetics, dialogues and powerful acting. 

9. About Time: A beautiful love story highlighting the delightfullness of love and life, 'About Time' is a must watch movie directed by Richard Curtis.

10. La La Land: A musical romance, 'La La Land' is a 2016 movie starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. With great cinemetography, storyline and musical ensemble, the movie is a true delight.


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