Meet Tarsem Singh Sandhu Who Made England Lift Ban On Wearing Turban 50 Years Ago

written by Karan Nanda | May 01, 2019

Tarsem Singh Sandhu is undoubtedly the living legend. He is the one who forced England to lift a ban on wearing turban on workplace. On 50th anniversary of the ban being lifted, one of the family members of Tarsem Singh took to Twitter to share the story of the living legend with the world. “50 years ago my Mamaji, Tarsem Singh Sandhu fought for the right to wear a turban at work . The story was told to me by my mother long after it was forgotten in the press. He is a living legend and an inspiration who epitomises Sikh values. #turban #Wolverhampton,” Balvinder Puar, a family member of Tarsem Singh Sandhu wrote on Twitter.

In 1967, Tarsem Singh Sandhu from Wolverhampton was sacked from his job after he refused to remove his turban and shave his beard. Sandhu kept his head high and had sparked a row that forced Britain to change the rule forever. After almost 2 years in 1969, England lifted the ban on wearing turban and keeping a beard at work.


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