New Update! APK Download Link Available Now For PUBG Mobile Gamers

written by Diksha Kapoor | December 05, 2020

Gamers of India are rousing for PUBG to bounce back in India. According to the sources, an APK download link will be available for the audience on PUBG's official website. A recent report states that if the APK link is available on the official website of PUBG for PUBG mobile. So, the APK link for the Indian audience will also be available on the website itself. No report has yet declared a true date for the launch of PUBG. But it is being said that PUBG Mobile India will be re-launched in the month of December only. ALSO READ: RAHUL ROY IS GETTING BETTER, SAYS DOCTOR
PUBG will be wholly available to Indian users in December. The game will firstly available to android and IOS users and further to iPhone users. The new PUBG mobile India will have a few changes in it like time restrictions, avatar changes, etc. The game will also have customization options for the players to redesign their avatar accordingly to their wish. The older accounts of the audience may not be asked to log in, instead, new id's will be made to play the game. With this PUBG has also signed a deal with Microsoft, the deal includes the availability of PUBG in Microsoft phones.


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