Target OTT Release: Know When and Where to Watch South Korean Crime-Thriller Online?

Target OTT Release: The South Korean film 'Target' featuring Shin Hae-sun and Kim Sung-Kyun is now available online on Amazon Prime Video.

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Target OTT Release: Know When and Where to Watch South Korean Crime-Thriller Online?

The South Korean crime thriller "Target," which hit theatres in August last year, is now available for streaming online. Featuring lead performances by Shin Hae-sun and Kim Sung-Kyun, the film is accessible to audiences in Korean, English, and Hindi.

About Target Movie 

"Target," based on a true incident involving a second-hand trader, received a warm response upon its theatrical release. The film garnered applause for its exceptionally engaging storyline, impressive cinematography, and captivating screenplay.

Plot Summary

The narrative centres around Soo-hyun, a working woman whose life takes a drastic turn after purchasing a second-hand washing machine in an effort to save money. Discovering that the machine is broken, Soo-hyun decides to lodge a complaint. Her search for the seller leads her to label him a fraud online. However, Soo-hyun soon realizes that someone is tracking her with malicious intent, escalating the situation into a terrifying ordeal.

The film was produced by Fiona Films, with Lee Seon-yong and Baek Yoon-seok handling the cinematography. Han Young-gyu and Han Eon-jae managed the editing, while Jang Young-guy composed the film's music.

Where to Watch Target Online?

"Target" is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video, available in Korean, English, and Hindi. This mystery thriller, inspired by a true incident, offers a gripping tale of unexpected danger and suspense.


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