Unfair Eviction? Payal Malik Breaks Silence After Big Boss OTT 3 Exit

Blogger Payal Malik's departure from the Big Boss OTT 3 house has ignited controversy and fan backlash. Malik, ousted despite fan support, addressed her eviction on social media, attributing it to housemate nominations rather than viewer votes

Reported by: PTC Punjabi Desk | Edited by: Prerit Chauhan  |  July 01st 2024 03:33 PM |  Updated: July 01st 2024 03:37 PM

Unfair Eviction? Payal Malik Breaks Silence After Big Boss OTT 3 Exit

The latest episode of Big Boss OTT 3 has seen yet another controversial elimination, with blogger Payal Malik bidding an unexpected farewell from the house. Upon her exit, Malik took to social media to address her supporters in a heartfelt video, expressing gratitude for their unwavering support.

In her candid message, Malik remarked, "Thank you, everyone. Your support means a lot to me. As you all know, I have exited the Big Boss house. Thank you for your immense love and support. I understand that my exit was not due to votes but because of my housemates' decisions. I was nominated by them, leading to my eviction. Inside the house, I remained true to myself, as you all know. Please continue to support me like this."

Malik's departure has sparked a wave of criticism among fans who perceive her eviction as unjust. Many have voiced their discontent over the housemates' decision, asserting that it did not align with the public's voting patterns. Supporters rallied behind Malik, advocating for her reinstatement on the show and expressing disappointment over the circumstances surrounding her exit.

The controversy deepened as the identity of the housemate responsible for Malik's nomination was revealed post her departure. Social media platforms echoed with demands for transparency and fairness, with prominent personalities such as Urfi Javed and Abdur Rizvi also extending their support to Malik.

In the wake of these developments, fans have mobilized online campaigns, emphasizing Malik's authenticity and resilience during her stint in the Big Boss house. One user aptly encapsulated the sentiment, commenting, "Who wants to see Payal back in the house? You deserved the trophy." Such sentiments underscore the fervent fanbase that continues to rally behind Malik amidst the ongoing controversy.

Furthermore, it is noteworthy that Payal Malik is the wife of YouTuber Armaan Malik, known for his unconventional marital arrangement involving two wives, Payal and Kritika, who reside together under one roof. The unique familial dynamics added an intriguing layer to Malik's journey within the Big Boss OTT 3 house, drawing both curiosity and support from viewers.


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