Why Anil Kapoor Is Facing Backlash for Armaan Malik’s Shocking Assault on Vishal Pandey?

Anil Kapoor, the current host of Bigg Boss OTT, has also come under fire. Initially praised for his hosting skills, Kapoor now faces criticism for his handling of the incident

Reported by: PTC Punjabi Desk | Edited by: Prerit Chauhan  |  July 08th 2024 05:31 PM |  Updated: July 08th 2024 05:31 PM

Why Anil Kapoor Is Facing Backlash for Armaan Malik’s Shocking Assault on Vishal Pandey?

In a shocking episode of Bigg Boss OTT, YouTuber Armaan Malik slapped social media influencer Vishal Pandey, following a revelation that incited his ire. This incident transpired after Armaan’s first wife, Payal Malik, disclosed certain derogatory remarks made by Vishal about Armaan’s second wife, Kritika Malik. The remarks, passed during a conversation with fellow contestant Lovekesh Kataria, provoked Armaan to break a cardinal rule of the house by physically assaulting Vishal.

The incident has sparked outrage among viewers, who are demanding stringent action against Armaan Malik. While some netizens believe Vishal Pandey's comments were indeed offensive, they argue that an apology could have defused the situation. Nonetheless, the majority opinion underscores the unacceptability of Armaan's violent reaction, irrespective of the provocation.

Anil Kapoor's Hosting: A Mixed Bag of Reviews

Amidst the turmoil, the spotlight also turned to Anil Kapoor, the current host of Bigg Boss OTT. Despite initial praise for his hosting prowess, viewers' opinions have soured somewhat following the latest "Weekend ka Vaar" episodes. Comparisons with the former host, Salman Khan, have proliferated on social media, with many suggesting areas for improvement in Kapoor's approach.

Viewer Suggestions for Anil Kapoor

Authenticity Over Dramatization: Viewers feel that Kapoor should strive to keep the atmosphere authentic, avoiding unnecessary dramatization.

Beyond the Script: It is suggested that Kapoor should engage more dynamically, responding to situations organically rather than strictly adhering to the script.

Controlled Temperament: Gradually building his temper rather than immediate escalation could allow contestants to articulate their points more clearly.

Contextual Reactions: Kapoor's agitation appears uniform across various topics. Adjusting his reactions based on the gravity of the issue could create a more balanced viewing experience.

Reflecting on the Escalation

As this marks only the second "Weekend ka Vaar" of the season, the escalation to physical violence is both alarming and indicative of the tensions brewing among contestants. The audience's feedback should be meticulously considered by the show’s producers, and conveyed to Anil Kapoor to enhance the hosting experience. Maintaining a balance of light-hearted and serious moments is essential to prevent the show from becoming overwhelmingly intense for viewers.


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