'Parents require training before having kids', says Twinkle Khanna

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'Parents require training before having kids', says Twinkle Khanna

Twinkle Khanna news: Twinkle Khanna has always opened up about her views on topics and has always put her views without fearing anyone. Recently, the author has talked about parenthood and its difficulties.

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In an interview, the actress revealed that she wrote a column about how to raise their sons in the right way and not only focus on raising their daughters. She also added saying that just like one has to give a test to get a driving license similarly becoming a parent also requires some amount of training.

Further, Twinkle stated that it was better to wait and see how the children turns out to be. She believes that it is important for parents to inculcate values and ethics in their children so that they turn out to be better individuals.

In addition to this, the actress was asked as to which was the correct way to raise the next generation so that they could bring about change in society, she replied saying that she was no expert to answer the question. So, she stated saying that first, she wants to see her children grow and observe their nature. Then she could give apt advice to parents about how to raise their kids.

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