EXCLUSIVE: Isha Rikhi Officially Confirms Relationship Status; Here's All You Need To Know

On PTC Punjabi's game show 'FLAMES', Isha Rikhi recently confirmed that is currently dating. The actress would appear on a special episode of 'FLAMES' with her friend and actor Surilie Gautam

Written by  Ritika Nath   |  August 10th 2023 04:26 PM  |  Updated: August 10th 2023 04:28 PM

EXCLUSIVE: Isha Rikhi Officially Confirms Relationship Status; Here's All You Need To Know

Isha Rikhi Officially Confirms Relationship: The PTC Punjabi game show 'Flames' recently witnessed an electrifying episode as the stunning actress Isha Rikhi made an appearance alongside her best friend, the charming actor Surilie Gautam. The show, known for its exciting segments and celebrity revelations, took an unexpected turn when Isha confirmed that she is currently in a relationship. While she didn't disclose the name of her partner, rumors have been swirling that she might be dating none other than the renowned rapper and music sensation, Badshah.

The atmosphere on the show was buzzing with excitement as Isha Rikhi and Surilie Gautam showcased their friendship and camaraderie, making it an unforgettable episode. Fans were delighted to witness the chemistry between the two talented actresses, and their interactions added a layer of authenticity and fun to the show.

Isha's confirmation about being in a relationship left the audience intrigued, and the speculation about her partner's identity instantly spread like wildfire.

Here's the video of Isha Rikhi when she revealed relationship status:

The rumors linking her to Badshah, known for his chart-topping hits and charismatic persona, have gained traction due to their presence in the entertainment industry. While no official confirmation has been made about their relationship, Isha's acknowledgment of the show has definitely fueled the speculation, making fans curious about their alleged romance.

The game show 'Flames' is renowned for its entertaining segments and celebrity revelations. It provides a platform for celebrities to share interesting stories from their personal lives while engaging in fun challenges and interactions. The Isha Rikhi and Surilie Gautam episode was no exception, with the duo participating in exciting segments that kept the audience entertained throughout.

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