GHOST album: Diljit Dosanjh Sets the Internet Ablaze with Sizzling Pictures

GHOST album: Diljit Dosanjh ahead of the release of his upcoming album 'Ghost' releases fiery pictures from the album. Ghost will be released on September 29.

Written by  Ritika Nath   |  September 28th 2023 05:17 PM  |  Updated: September 28th 2023 05:25 PM

GHOST album: Diljit Dosanjh Sets the Internet Ablaze with Sizzling Pictures

Diljit Dosanjh, the globally acclaimed singer and heartthrob of millions, is leaving no stone unturned to keep his fans on the edge of their seats with his latest musical endeavor. The Punjabi sensation is gearing up for the release of his highly anticipated album, 'Ghost,' and his recent actions have set the internet abuzz.

With just one day remaining before the grand unveiling of 'Ghost,' Dosanjh decided to offer fans a tantalizing glimpse into what's in store. He recently shared a sneak peek of one of his tracks, 'Jatt Vailly,' from the album, sending ripples of excitement throughout his fanbase. But he didn't stop there; he followed it up with a set of fiery photographs that have left everyone in awe.

In his Instagram post, Dosanjh captioned the images with a simple yet potent question, "Can You Feel My Love For You?" The question is symbolic of the deep affection and connection he shares with his supporters, promising an unforgettable musical journey with his upcoming album, 'Ghost.'

'Jatt Vailly,' a snippet of which was shared earlier, promises to be a high-energy track infused with the unmistakable 'desi gabru' vibes that resonate with Punjabis. The teaser already had fans tapping their feet in anticipation of what's to come.

'Ghost' is not just about 'Jatt Vailly,' though; it boasts a grand total of 22 diverse songs, offering something for every musical palate. The tracklist includes: The Confession (Skit), Ghost, Drowning, Amiri, Feel My Love, Kinni Kinni, Kehkashan, Daytona, Poppin, Icon, Enlightenment (Skit), Stars, Bad Habits, Lalkaara, Jatt Vailly, Whatcha Doin, Case, Cry Later, Infinite Return (Skit), Psychotic, Midnight Desires, and Serenade.

The countdown has already begun, and fans are eagerly awaiting the album's release on September 29. 


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