Sonam Bajwa changes her name to 'Rani' on Instagram? Details inside

Godday Godday Chaa: Sonam Bajwa recently changed her Instagram name to 'Rani' which is the name of her character in the upcoming Punjabi movie 'Godday Godday Chaa'.

Written by  Ritika Nath   |  May 08th 2023 06:04 PM  |  Updated: May 08th 2023 06:04 PM

Sonam Bajwa changes her name to 'Rani' on Instagram? Details inside

Godday Godday Chaa movie: Punjabi diva Sonam Bajwa is an active social media user. The actress is currently making headlines for her upcoming Punjabi movie 'Godday Godday Chaa' which is all set for its theatrical release. In the meantime, Sonam surprised everyone with the changed name on her Instagram account. 

Yes, you read that correctly. Sonam Bajwa added the name 'Rani' to her Instagram account. If you are wondering who is Rani and why Sonam Bajwa added this to her Instagram account, here's what we know. 

Sonam Bajwa in Godday Godday Chaa

For the unversed, Sonam Bajwa's character's name in the movie is 'Rani' and in order to create buzz for the film and the character she played more relatable, Sonam might have added 'Rani' to her Instagram account.

Godday Godday Chaa movie trailer

The film's trailer which was released a week ago follows a story in which Sonam Bajwa leading a campaign to include the women of the "pind" with the "baraat." It is being touted as a giggle riot that will tickle the audience's funny bones. The trailer has been getting amazing reviews. The cast of the film is outstanding, with Tania giving an enthralling performance and Nirmal Rishi doing her role wonderfully.

The Baraat ceremony at Punjabi weddings used to be exclusive to men because of male supremacy, according to the film's recently released trailer. The movie's female characters aspire to attend the ceremony despite experiencing discrimination and the scheme to enter without permission, ignoring the cultural constraints that prevent them from doing so.

Godday Godday Chaa BTS video

Recently Sonam Bajwa also shared a BTS video of the song 'Sakhiye Saheliye' which is full of joy and celebrations. The song is crooned by Jasmeen Akhtar, with lyrics penned by Harinder Kour and music composed by Rakesh Raxx. 


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