Raining money in Begaluru: Man throws cash from flyover, have a look

written by Shimona Sharma | January 25, 2023 05:19pm

Bengaluru news: In a strange incident, where a man is found pouring cash from the flyover is doing rounds on social media. Just after this people were found collecting cash from the ground.

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Recently, a video took the internet by storm which shows an unidentified man who is throwing cash from the KR Puram flyover to the people. Although the timing of the incident is not yet determined. The man in Bengaluru stopped the traffic on a flyover by throwing money at the onlookers.

Further, the man was seen pouring bundles of cash from the flyover in a video which was posted on Twitter. He was also seen taking out money from a bag he was carrying. Then, he was also seen carrying a clock around his neck as if it was a necklace which looked strange.

On the other hand, people were busy grabbing the cash that the man was tossing into the air. However, due to this, there was traffic all around.

As per the reports, it is believed that he threw around a hundred notes of rupees ten according to the people who witnessed the incident. It is also said that the man ran away as soon as he learned that the police were about to reach the spot. Although police are investigating the matter gravely and trying to find the man.

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