Ranbir Kapoor gets emotional remembering Rishi Kapoor at motion poster launch of Brahmastra

written by Kirti Pathak | December 15, 2021

At the motion poster launch of Brahmastra, Ranbir Kapoor remembers Rishi Kapoor who was always doubtful of Ayan Mukerji’s plan for the film.

In New Delhi on Wednesday, Ranbir Kapoor along with Ayan Mukerji and Alia Bhatt launched the motion poster of Brahmastra which has received great response till now. From the event, many videos are circulating on the internet while one video is winning hearts while making many emotional. The video is of Ranbir Kapoor talking about his late father Rishi Kapoor and what he thought about the film.

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Ranbir narrated the story as to how the idea of Brahmastra was conceptualized in the year 2011. During the shoot of Yeh Jawaani  Hai Deewani, Ayan shared the idea with Ranbir during the last schedule.

He said, “I remember, when we were shooting the last schedule of Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, this genius friend of mine (Ayan Mukerji) narrated just the basic idea of a young man born with a great power, which he doesn’t understand fully. The power of fire.”

He continued, “Since then the journey of creating and bringing the film for the audience has been a lot of hard work, sacrifices, and pain.”

The wait was long and hard work was tough from which Ranbir learned a lesson. Talking about this he said, “It taught me something very important that we have to hold on to faith. Because beyond all the pain, hard work and sacrifice is something good. This is f****g good.”


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Talking more about this Ranbir then shared that his father Rishi was always doubtful of the concept of the film and thought that such film will not work in India.

Emotional Ranbir said “I miss my father terribly today. I remember during the making of the film, he kept fighting with Ayan and me, and kept questioning – ‘What are you doing? Who takes so long to make a film? Who spends so much of money? You are not making a penny on this film. VFX film kaun dekhega. No one will watch it.”

After a silent pause, he continued saying, “I hope he is proud. He is smiling.”

After this Ranbir cheered up paid tribute to his father by singing his famous dialogue from the film Karz “Kya tumne kabhi kisi se pyaar kiya? Kabhi kisiko dil diya? Maine bhi diya.”

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Fans were rejoiced to see this view, followed by Ranbir addressing Alia Bhatt as ‘Dil and Pyar’ and calling her on stage. Alia also got emotional while hearing Ranbir’s words for his father as she was also close to late veteran actor Rishi Kapoor.

Ranbir and Alia will be seen onscreen for the very first time who are also in a relationship with each other. Brahmastra a dream project of Ayan Mukerji will be released on 9th September 2022.



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