Ambani Family's Philanthropic Gesture Before Anant's Wedding Will Warm Your Heart

Ahead of their lavish Mumbai wedding, the Ambanis are organizing a collective wedding for underprivileged couples in Palghar district, Maharashtra. This charitable initiative underscores the family's commitment to community welfare.

Reported by: PTC Punjabi Desk | Edited by: Prerit Chauhan  |  June 29th 2024 04:00 PM |  Updated: June 29th 2024 04:00 PM

Ambani Family's Philanthropic Gesture Before Anant's Wedding Will Warm Your Heart

The Ambani household is once again abuzz with preparations as they gear up to celebrate the forthcoming nuptials of their youngest scion, Anant Ambani, and his fiancée Radhika Merchant. Scheduled to commence on the 12th of July this year, the wedding festivities promise to be a grand affair held at the prestigious World Geo Center in Mumbai.

Anticipation builds not only for the main event but also for the philanthropic gestures preceding it. In a heartfelt display of generosity, the Ambani family has orchestrated a collective wedding for several underprivileged couples. This benevolent initiative, slated just days before Anant and Radhika's ceremony, will unfold in Palghar district, Maharashtra, underscoring the family's commitment to community and tradition.

Anant Radhika Wedding

Central to these celebrations are Mukesh and Nita Ambani, accompanied by their extended family, who are set to participate in both the charitable affair and the subsequent matrimonial rites. According to the invitations, the Ambanis will grace the collective wedding ceremony on Tuesday, 2nd July 2024, extending their blessings to the newlyweds amidst a backdrop of joyous festivities.

The wedding itself will span three opulent days, beginning with the main ceremony on the 12th of July, followed by a blessing ceremony on the 13th, and culminating in a lavish reception on the 14th. Distinguished guests from around the globe are expected to attend, underscoring the Ambanis' global prominence and the event's significance in social and business circles alike.

Prior to these main events, Anant and Radhika commemorated their union with two distinctive pre-wedding ceremonies. The first, a splendid affair in Jamnagar, Gujarat, drew luminaries from across India and beyond. Subsequently, the couple hosted a picturesque celebration aboard a cruise in Italy, where their guests rejoiced in their impending matrimony.


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