Ankita Lokhande's Authoritative Move: Abhishek Kumar Ousted from Big Boss 17 Premises

Written by  Prerit Chauhan   |  January 05th 2024 11:54 AM  |  Updated: January 05th 2024 11:54 AM

Ankita Lokhande's Authoritative Move: Abhishek Kumar Ousted from Big Boss 17 Premises

Big Boss 17, the enigmatic and often tumultuous reality TV show, has once again become the epicenter of gripping drama and escalating conflicts. With each passing day, the atmosphere within the Big Boss house grows increasingly charged. After the recent expulsion of three participants, the latest twist in this season's saga comes in the form of an unexpected mid-week eviction.

The latest contestant to face the abrupt exit from the Big Boss 17 premises is Abhishek Kumar, marking another chapter in the show's ongoing controversies. Reports confirm the news of Abhishek's eviction, which was instigated by none other than the house captain, Ankita Lokhande.

The catalyst for Abhishek's eviction stemmed from a highly charged altercation between him and fellow housemate Samarth Jurel, which notably escalated into a physical confrontation. The tension reached a boiling point when Samarth impulsively tossed a tissue at Abhishek, igniting an intense and anger-fueled reaction from the latter, causing distress among all the housemates.

Ankita Lokhande Orders Abhishek's Exit from Big Boss 17

Despite the initial outburst, Abhishek swiftly recognized his error and earnestly sought forgiveness from Big Boss, expressing remorse for his actions. His sincere apologies extended not only to Samarth but also to another housemate, Isha. However, at that moment, Big Boss had not yet reached a verdict on the incident.

As the house captain, Ankita Lokhande was entrusted with the responsibility of deciding on evictions. When questioned about her stance on Abhishek's eviction, Ankita showcased her authority by confidently asserting her decision. It was through a credible fan page named Khabri that insights into Ankita's resolute choice to remove Abhishek from the house emerged.

 Boss 17 house, where conflicts flare up unpredictably, leaving both contestants and viewers on edge. Abhishek's unexpected eviction adds yet another layer of intrigue to this season, leaving fans speculating about the repercussions and potential further twists in the days to come.


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