'Bigg Boss' Star Sana Khan Shares First Ever Video of Her Baby Boy

Anas Sayed, Sana Khan welcomed her son, Tariq Jameel, last year. Until recently, Sana had kept her son's face hidden from the public eye. However, during a special Hajj trip with her husband, she revealed Tariq's face to her fans.

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'Bigg Boss' Star Sana Khan Shares First Ever Video of Her Baby Boy

Despite bidding farewell to the entertainment industry, Sana Khan, renowned for her stint on 'Bigg Boss', continues to captivate public interest. The former actress frequently shares glimpses of her life, keeping her fans updated. In 2020, Sana chose to leave the glamour world behind and embraced a new chapter by marrying businessman Mufti Anas Sayed. This union with Maulana Mufti Anas took many by surprise, and Sana now revels in the joys of her married life.

Sana Khan Reveals Her Son's Face After a Year

Last year marked the arrival of Sana Khan’s son, Tariq Jameel. Until recently, Sana had kept her son’s face hidden from public view. However, she has now chosen to reveal her little prince’s face. Sana, who is known for her frequent pilgrimages to Hajj with her husband, made their latest trip particularly special by taking their one-year-old son along. It was during this sacred journey that Sana unveiled her beloved son's face to the world.

Recently, Sana shared a heartwarming video on social media, offering an intimate glimpse of Tariq laughing, playing, and sleeping. Accompanying the video, Sana penned a heartfelt caption: "Our little Haji 2024. O Lord... make me one who establishes prayer and my offspring. Our Lord! And accept my supplication. Our Lord, forgive me, my parents, and the believers on the Day the account is established."

Fans Shower Love on the Video

In the video, little Tariq is seen peacefully sleeping on his father's shoulder before waking up to a delightful session of fun. The endearing moments captured have garnered widespread admiration and affection. Celebrities and fans alike have showered immense love on the adorable video, celebrating the charming presence of Tariq in Sana's life.


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