Bollywood Critic KRK Slams 'Kalki 2898 AD' as Bollywood's Biggest Disappointment!

Directed by Nag Ashwin and featuring a star-studded cast including Prabhas, Amitabh Bachchan, and Deepika Padukone, 'Kalki 2898 AD' has stormed into theaters amid high expectations and polarized opinions. With a budget reportedly exceeding ₹700 crore, the film blends dystopian

Reported by: PTC Punjabi Desk | Edited by: Prerit Chauhan  |  June 27th 2024 03:29 PM |  Updated: June 27th 2024 03:34 PM

Bollywood Critic KRK Slams 'Kalki 2898 AD' as Bollywood's Biggest Disappointment!

Directed by Nag Ashwin, 'Kalki 2898 AD' stands at the crossroads of anticipation and critique, sparking fervent debates among cinephiles and critics alike. From its initial promotional materials to its recent theatrical debut on June 27, Thursday, the film has not only captivated audiences but also ignited a polarizing discourse across various platforms.

The grandeur of 'Kalki 2898 AD' is palpable from its inception, boasting a colossal budget and an ensemble cast of stellar proportions. Featuring luminaries such as Prabhas, Amitabh Bachchan, Deepika Padukone, Kamal Haasan, and Disha Patani in pivotal roles, the film's promotional campaign alone amassed a staggering ₹55 crore in pre-sales, setting the stage for what many anticipated to be a blockbuster of epic proportions.

Social media, a barometer of contemporary sentiment, resonated with effusive praise for 'Kalki 2898 AD'. Users celebrated its visual opulence and narrative depth, hailing it as both a commercial triumph and a cinematic masterpiece. Yet, amidst the chorus of adulation, the film faced a formidable critic in the form of Kamal R Khan (KRK), whose scathing rebuke cast a shadow over its reception.

KRK, known for his acerbic commentary, launched a vehement assault on 'Kalki 2898 AD' via his Twitter handle. He lambasted the film for what he perceived as its insensitive portrayal of women, decrying its purported lack of substantive content despite its exorbitant production costs. In a series of tweets, KRK denounced the filmmakers and cast, demanding accountability for what he deemed a misappropriation of cinematic resources.

"Kalki introduces a new story every two scenes, yet cruelty against women persists," KRK tweeted, questioning the ethical and narrative choices made by the filmmakers. His criticism underscored broader concerns about the film's thematic coherence and the responsible use of its reported ₹700 crore budget.

Despite these controversies, 'Kalki 2898 AD' has transcended linguistic boundaries with its multilingual release across Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, and English, garnering a U/A certification from the CBFC. The film's runtime of 3 hours and 56 minutes in its Hindi version offers audiences an expansive canvas upon which its dystopian narrative unfolds, prefaced by a disclaimer emphasizing its fictional premise.


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