Comedian Sunil Pal's Hilarious Take on Sonakshi Sinha's Mystery Wedding!

Rumors are swirling around Bollywood star Sonakshi Sinha's alleged wedding plans with boyfriend Jehan Iqbal. Reports suggest a registered marriage on June 23, yet neither has confirmed

Reported by: PTC Punjabi Desk | Edited by: Prerit Chauhan  |  June 13th 2024 01:18 PM |  Updated: June 13th 2024 01:18 PM

Comedian Sunil Pal's Hilarious Take on Sonakshi Sinha's Mystery Wedding!

Sonakshi Sinha, the Bollywood star known for her vibrant on-screen presence, has found herself at the center of public attention once again, this time due to rumors swirling around her personal life. Reports have surfaced suggesting that Sonakshi intends to tie the knot with her boyfriend Jehan Iqbal in a registered marriage scheduled for June 23. Despite widespread circulation of what appears to be their wedding invitation on social media platforms, neither Sonakshi nor Jehan have officially confirmed these plans.

The uncertainty surrounding the alleged impending nuptials has sparked a wave of speculation and commentary across various media channels. When questioned about the supposed wedding, Sonakshi's father, veteran actor Shatrughan Sinha, expressed his surprise and lack of awareness regarding the matter. In a statement to the press, he maintained that he had not been informed directly by his daughter about any such plans.

The situation took an unexpected turn when comedian Sunil Pal weighed in on the issue, sharing a video on social media platforms where he humorously remarked about the purported wedding. Pal quipped, "This news will be a surprise for friends, but it's heartbreaking for Shatrughan Sinha. He's sung 'Aaj Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai' all his life, yet he doesn't know about his own daughter's wedding."

In contrast to her father's initial surprise, Shatrughan Sinha later conveyed his blessings for Sonakshi's happiness in an interview , stating, "Her happiness is our happiness. She is the apple of our eye. Our blessings are always with her." Despite the media frenzy, Sonakshi's brother Luv Sinha has opted to maintain silence regarding the swirling speculations surrounding his sister's personal life.

Further complicating the situation, Shatrughan Sinha clarified in an interview , "After the election results, I returned to Delhi. I haven't discussed any plans regarding my daughter with anyone. So, is she getting married? Well, Sonakshi hasn't informed me about it. My knowledge is based on what I've read in the media. When she informs me and my wife, we will surely bless her."


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