From 'RRR' to Guardians of the Galaxy: The Future of Jr NTR in Hollywood

This article discusses James Gunn's expressed interest in collaborating with Jr NTR, an Indian film actor, following his outstanding performance in the movie 'RRR.' It also highlights the significant accomplishments of 'RRR,' including its historic Oscar win and critical acclaim for its storytelling and action sequences.

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From 'RRR' to Guardians of the Galaxy: The Future of Jr NTR in Hollywood

James Gunn, the acclaimed director behind the highly successful 'Guardians of the Galaxy’ franchise, has recently expressed keen interest in collaborating with Jr NTR, the Indian film actor who rose to fame through the SS Rajamouli-directed movie 'RRR.' Gunn has showered Jr NTR with accolades, describing him as an 'amazing' and 'cool' performer in the film expressing his desire to work with him in the future.

'RRR': A game-changer for Indian cinema

Last year, 'RRR' garnered acclaim from several international filmmakers, including James Gunn, who lauded the movie. When asked which Indian actor he would like to incorporate into the Guardians universe, Gunn pointed out Jr NTR as 'that guy from RRR' who delivered a phenomenal performance, particularly during the scene with 'all the tigers coming out of the cage and everything.' However, he acknowledged that he has not yet identified a specific role for Jr NTR in the franchise and would require some time to deliberate on it.

Under the helm of SS Rajamouli, 'RRR' has propelled Indian cinema to unprecedented heights. The film has made history by securing an Oscar for Best Original Song, with Naatu Naatu becoming the first Telugu song to be nominated in the 'Original Song' category. The live performance of the song at the awards ceremony captivated the audience with its powerful rendition. Additionally, American actor-dancer Lauren Gottlieb graced the stage with her moves, making it an unforgettable moment.

Starring Ram Charan as Alluri Sitarama Raju and Jr NTR as Komaram Bheem, 'RRR' depicts the tale of two Indian freedom fighters. Its epic action drama has shattered box office records worldwide and has received numerous prestigious accolades.

Focusing on the friendship and struggles of two fictionalised Indian revolutionaries against the British Raj, 'RRR' has received critical acclaim for its exceptional storytelling, acting performances, and grandiose action sequences. Produced by D. V. V. Danayya of DVV Entertainment, the film was released in October of last year.

James Gunn's expressed interest in collaborating with Jr NTR speaks volumes about the actor's talent and the worldwide reach of Indian cinema. Jr NTR's performance in 'RRR' has garnered widespread acclaim, and his fans would undoubtedly be thrilled to see him enter the Guardians universe. However, as Gunn pointed out, identifying the appropriate role for Jr NTR in the franchise would require some deliberation, and fans may have to exercise patience in the meantime. Meanwhile, 'RRR' continues to make a splash across the globe, reaffirming the global appeal and impact of Indian cinema.


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