Jr NTR Fans Land in Legal Trouble for Sacrificing Goats on Actor's Birthday

Jr NTR Fans Land in Legal Trouble: Fans allegedly murdered two goats and splashed their blood on Jr. NTR's flexi banners outside a theatre on the 20th of May to mark Jr. NTR's 40th birthday.

Reported by: PTC Punjabi Desk | Edited by: Ritika Nath  |  May 23rd 2023 04:54 PM |  Updated: May 23rd 2023 04:54 PM

Jr NTR Fans Land in Legal Trouble for Sacrificing Goats on Actor's Birthday

In the realm of celebrity fandom, there are countless examples of fans going to extraordinary lengths to express their love for their favorite stars. These dedicated fans often find inventive and sometimes peculiar ways to demonstrate their unwavering support, from sharing their adoration on social media to treat their beloved celebrities' birthdays as grand celebrations.

However, there are instances when fan enthusiasm takes a disturbing turn, crossing the line into actions that are not just eccentric but also alarming. One recent incident involving fans of Indian actor Jr. NTR serves as a stark reminder of the dark side of extreme fandom.

On May 20th, Jr. NTR celebrated his 40th birthday, and his devoted fans were eager to mark the occasion in a memorable manner. Unfortunately, a group of fans allegedly took their passion to an unsettling extreme. It has been reported that these fans resorted to sacrificing two goats and splattering their blood on Jr. NTR's flexi banners outside a theater. This shocking act, intended to display their love and support for the actor, has understandably evoked astonishment and fury from the public.

According to reports, the police in Robertsonpet, Karnataka, detained nine individuals believed to be involved in these ritual sacrifices. The accused fans allegedly slaughtered the goats, spat blood on Jr. NTR's banners, and hastily fled the scene with the carcasses and the weapons used in the act. This incident not only raises concerns about the boundaries of fan behavior but also sheds light on the potential dangers of unbridled idolization.

Jr. NTR, a highly popular actor in India, boasts a substantial fan base that continuously roots for him and offers unwavering encouragement. His recent breakthrough with the film "RRR" has propelled him to even greater heights of fame, both in India and worldwide. However, incidents like these highlight the need for a balanced and responsible approach to fandom.

The incident involving Jr. NTR's fans has surpassed the limits of acceptable fan behavior. Extreme acts such as animal sacrifices or causing harm not only tarnish the image of fandom but can also have severe legal repercussions.

Fans, as well as society at large, must contemplate incidents like this and acknowledge the necessity for a more balanced and respectful approach to fandom. The focus should be on celebrating and supporting the work of celebrities without resorting to extreme measures that can cause harm to others or tarnish the reputation of the entire fan community.

Meanwhile., Jr NTR is currently working for his upcoming movie 'Devara' with Koratala Siva. In addition to this, he will join Hrithik Roshan in War 2, directed by Ayan Mukerji. 


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