TV Star Daljeet Kaur Faces Off in Court After Shocking Marriage Split, Latest Update!

Daljeet Kaur, known for her TV roles, recently made headlines due to her tumultuous marital journey with businessman Nikhil Patel. Just eight months after their Hindu ritual wedding, accusations of infidelity surfaced, leading to separation.

Reported by: PTC Punjabi Desk | Edited by: Prerit Chauhan  |  June 15th 2024 12:09 PM |  Updated: June 15th 2024 12:09 PM

TV Star Daljeet Kaur Faces Off in Court After Shocking Marriage Split, Latest Update!

In recent times, the personal life of television actress Daljeet Kaur has become a subject of intense public scrutiny. Known for her roles on screen, she found herself in the spotlight once again due to her tumultuous marital journey. Just eight months after a lavish wedding, Daljeet Kaur's union with businessman Nikhil Patel took an abrupt turn, leading to separation. What began as a promising alliance quickly soured amid accusations of infidelity and betrayal.

Daljeet Kaur did not mince words when she accused Nikhil Patel of engaging in an extramarital affair, a claim vehemently denied by him. Adding a layer of complexity, Nikhil Patel asserted that their marriage was not legally registered, despite being conducted through Hindu rituals. The situation escalated when Nikhil Patel issued a notice demanding Daljeet Kaur to retrieve her belongings from Kenya, where he resides. He went as far as threatening to donate her possessions if she failed to comply, a move that Daljeet Kaur successfully thwarted.

In response to these developments, Daljeet Kaur took decisive action by initiating legal proceedings against Nikhil Patel in the courts of Kenya. This marked the beginning of a potentially protracted legal battle, underscoring her resolve to seek justice and uphold her rights. Through social media, she expressed her sentiments with poignant clarity, stating, "We believed every word you said, even when your elderly parents bowed before mine, we believed in that too." Her words reflected not only her disappointment but also her steadfast determination to confront the challenges ahead.

This recent turmoil is not the first instance of personal upheaval in Daljeet Kaur's life. Her previous marriage to TV actor Shalin Bhanot in 2009 also ended in tumult, with allegations of domestic violence playing a pivotal role in their eventual divorce in 2015. Throughout these trials, Daljeet Kaur has exhibited resilience, emerging as a voice against injustice and advocating for her rights.


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