Who Is Armaan Malik's Legal Wife? Payal Malik Breaks Silence and Exposes Her Husband!

In a recent revelation, Payal Malik, Armaan Malik's first wife, has spoken out about her marital status amidst ongoing controversy. Payal, who has been legally married to Armaan, shed light on her relationship with him and exposed details regarding his second marriage

Reported by: PTC Punjabi Desk | Edited by: Prerit Chauhan  |  July 02nd 2024 12:15 PM |  Updated: July 02nd 2024 12:22 PM

Who Is Armaan Malik's Legal Wife? Payal Malik Breaks Silence and Exposes Her Husband!

Armaan Malik, accompanied by his wives Payal Malik and Kritika Malik, captured the spotlight during their tenure on the reality TV sensation, Big Boss OTT 3. However, recent developments have thrust their private lives into the public eye, stirring a wave of intrigue and empathy among their supporters.

The unfolding drama reached a crescendo when Payal Malik, one of Armaan's spouses, was evicted from the show, leaving a palpable sense of disappointment among those who championed her. In the aftermath of her departure, Payal candidly aired her grievances, shedding light on her marriage, her bond with Kritika Malik, and the profound hurt inflicted by Armaan's choice to pursue another relationship. Notably, Payal disclosed that she is legally married to Armaan, a fact that underpins much of the ensuing discourse.

In a poignant interview  following her exit from Big Boss, Payal confronted the intricacies of her marital status, vehemently disavowing any endorsement of polygamous unions. Despite her past appearances in supportive vlogs and interviews alongside Armaan, Payal unequivocally criticized his actions, asserting that no woman in India should endure the anguish of her husband entering into another marriage. She emphasized that Armaan has not embraced Islam to formalize his second union, underscoring the legal complexities and the cultural norms at play.

Central to Payal's narrative is the stark contrast in their familial backgrounds Armaan hailing from a Jat family, while Payal identifies with a Gujjar lineage. This dichotomy informs her legal standing as Armaan's wife under the Hindu Marriage Act, which explicitly precludes the recognition of multiple spouses.

Throughout the interview, Payal navigated the emotional terrain of her relationship with Armaan and Kritika, elucidating her decision to marry Armaan despite feeling betrayed by his subsequent actions. Having sacrificed familial ties and financial stability to be with him for eight years, Payal's anguish over Armaan's second marriage and their subsequent estrangement is palpable.

In a surprising turn, Payal extended praise to Kritika Malik, whom she regards as a sister and with whom she shares a residence. Despite the turmoil, Payal acknowledged Kritika's lighthearted remarks in an interview about sharing towels with either her or Armaan, viewing it through the lens of companionship and humor.

Looking ahead, Payal expressed optimism for Armaan and Kritika's prospects in the reality show, assuring them of her unwavering support. With a newfound focus on her vlogs and social media initiatives, Payal emphasized her commitment to ensuring stability for their children and home. Her parting words conveyed a blend of resilience and compassion, urging both Armaan and Kritika to excel in their endeavors and reach the finals of Big Boss OTT 3.


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