YouTuber Armaan Malik Hints at Fifth Child: Which Wife is Pregnant?

Popular YouTuber Armaan Malik has once again captured public attention, with reports suggesting he is set to become a father for the fifth time.

Reported by: PTC Punjabi Desk | Edited by: Prerit Chauhan  |  June 12th 2024 11:11 AM |  Updated: June 12th 2024 11:11 AM

YouTuber Armaan Malik Hints at Fifth Child: Which Wife is Pregnant?

Armaan Malik, the popular YouTuber, has once again captured public attention with reports indicating that he is on the verge of fatherhood once more. Speculations abound about which of his wives is currently expecting, as the identity of the pregnant wife remains shrouded in mystery. Armaan recently shared a vlog documenting a baby shower celebration with his wife, adding fuel to the conjecture.

Which of Armaan’s Wives is Pregnant?

In the baby shower vlog, both of Armaan Malik’s wives, Kritika and Payal, made an appearance. In a playful twist, Payal addressed the viewers, saying, "We are at the baby shower, and now you all guess whose baby shower it is, mine or Kritika's." She further elaborated, "This is a great idea because you can guess for yourself and find out directly at the baby shower who is pregnant. It’s a bit embarrassing to just say it outright."

Will Armaan Become a Father for the Fifth Time?

The vlog featured several clues that hinted at the joyous occasion. A cake adorned with the words "Hey Daddy" and a banner proclaiming "Welcome Baby" were prominently displayed, clearly indicating that it was indeed a baby shower. Despite these hints, the video left viewers in suspense, as it did not reveal whether Payal or Kritika is the one expecting. Should the rumours prove true and one of Armaan’s wives is indeed pregnant, this would mark the fifth time the YouTuber has become a father.

When He Remarried His First Wife for the Second Time

It is also noteworthy that Armaan Malik has a unique marital history. Some time ago, he remarried his first wife, Payal Malik, in a second wedding ceremony attended by his second wife, Kritika, and their children. This event highlighted the close-knit and unconventional family dynamic they share. Payal Malik gave birth to twins through IVF, adding to their family which also includes an older son from a previous pregnancy. The journey to expand their family has been marked by challenges, as Payal revealed that she and Kritika underwent IVF together twice without success before their third attempt finally succeeded.


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