Ed Sheeran Turns Desi: From 'Butta Bomma' to 'Pinnis'; Singer Enjoys His Time in India

Written by  Ritika Nath   |  March 13th 2024 12:25 PM  |  Updated: March 13th 2024 12:25 PM

Ed Sheeran Turns Desi: From 'Butta Bomma' to 'Pinnis'; Singer Enjoys His Time in India

Ed Sheeran, the renowned singer-songwriter, is currently in India, gearing up for his highly anticipated performance in Mumbai this weekend. The global superstar seems to be making the most of his time in the city, as a recent video of the singer dancing to Allu Arjun's song 'Butta Bomma' has gone viral on social media. 

Ed Sheeran Grooves to Butta Bomma

In the video, Ed Sheeran was spotted enjoying himself, dancing to the popular track 'Butta Bomma'. Joined by singer Armaan Malik, the duo replicated the iconic hook step from the song, originally featured in the film Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo. Dressed casually,  Ed effortlessly embraced the moves with assistance from Armaan, concluding with a playful homage to Shah Rukh Khan's iconic pose.

Ed Sheeran With Ayushmann Khurrana

Ed Sheeran also had the opportunity to indulge in some traditional Indian treats. During his visit, Bollywood star Ayushmann Khurrana introduced him to his mother's homemade 'pinnis', a gesture of warm hospitality symbolizing Indian culture's tradition of welcoming guests with culinary delights.

Expressing his admiration for Ed Sheeran as an artist, Ayushmann shared, "I have always wanted to connect with him and discuss his music. I surprised him with my mother's homemade Pinni!" He emphasized the importance of showing appreciation for the artist's presence in India and extending love for his music.

Ed Sheeran Meets School Kids

In addition to his social interactions, Ed Sheeran took time to engage with students at a Mumbai school, where he sang songs and interacted with the enthusiastic crowd. Sharing his excitement on Instagram, he expressed eagerness about the upcoming Mumbai concert and the opportunity to connect with his fans.

The Mumbai concert, scheduled for March 16, marks the final leg of Ed Sheeran's Asia and Europe Tour in 2024. Singer Prateek Kuhad will also grace the stage, preceding Ed Sheeran's much-awaited performance. With anticipation building up, fans are eagerly awaiting the grand finale of Sheeran's tour, promising an unforgettable musical experience for all attendees.


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