Fame Has Gone to Elvish Yadav's Head: Bigg Boss OTT Winner Slaps Person in Jaipur Restaurant

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Fame Has Gone to Elvish Yadav's Head: Bigg Boss OTT Winner Slaps Person in Jaipur Restaurant

The incident involving Elvish Yadav, the victor of Big Boss OTT Season 2 and a distinguished YouTuber, has swiftly garnered attention, particularly due to a video capturing a forceful slap delivered by Yadav to an individual at a restaurant in Jaipur. Despite this altercation, Elvish later issued a statement elucidating his actions.

Elvish's triumph in 'Big Boss OTT Season 2' came as he entered the competition as a wildcard contestant, elevating his prominence in the entertainment sphere.

The complete narrative unfolded on a Sunday night, as Elvish Yadav, a prominent figure in the YouTube community, was sighted at a restaurant in Jaipur. Unexpectedly, he engaged in a physical altercation by delivering a slap to an individual, drawing the attention of bystanders and law enforcement officials alike. Notably, Elvish Yadav's public relations team opted for silence regarding the incident, although an audio clip featuring Elvish's statement quickly circulated.

Recently, Elvish Yadav collaborated on a music video with Manisha Rani from Bihar, diversifying his creative ventures.

YouTube Star Elvish Yadav's Controversial Slap Incident in Jaipur

In his statement, Elvish Yadav expressed, "I want to clarify that I do not seek confrontation or violence. I am dedicated to my craft. While I am open to taking photos with fans, I cannot tolerate derogatory remarks or insults directed at my family." He further elucidated, "There were law enforcement officers present, hence I did not transgress any boundaries. The individual directed disparaging remarks towards me, provoking my response. I stand by my actions without remorse. I responded to his insults in my own manner. Verbal abuse should not be condoned."

Support for Elvish's stance proliferated across various social media platforms, with users endorsing his reaction. One user asserted, "No one should endure disrespect towards their parents. You did the right thing, Elvish bhai." Another echoed, "Elvish did nothing wrong. Such actions warrant appropriate consequences."

Despite the support, there have been instances of strained relationships within the social media sphere. Kusha Kapila, during the pandemic, had blocked Elvish from her Instagram account. Despite Elvish's attempts at reconciliation, Kusha maintained her stance. Notably, Elvish Yadav referred to Kusha Kapila as 'Sasti Kareena Kapoor', prompting objections from Kusha, who highlighted the inappropriateness of using Kareena Kapoor Khan's name without permission.


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