Isha Ambani’s Holi Bash; From Priyanka Chopra to Radhika Merchant, A-listers arrive at the Ambani's Holi!

Written by  Durtimans   |  March 16th 2024 01:22 PM  |  Updated: March 16th 2024 01:22 PM

Isha Ambani’s Holi Bash; From Priyanka Chopra to Radhika Merchant, A-listers arrive at the Ambani's Holi!

The Ambani's are yet again in the entertainment headlines, ruling over everything but this time with Holi 2024. Yes, you heard it correct, the Ambani daughter Isha Ambani threw a lavish pre-Holi bash yesterday just ahead of main day celebration that is coming up in the upcoming week. Isha kept a grand celebration on Friday which turned up into a star studded extravaganza pulling off some of the A-listers of the country, including global icon Priyanka Chopra. Desi girl Priyanka Chopra added her oozing glamour, but who is just one of the many regal celebraties that graced at the Ambani residence. 

Viral Pics from Isha Ambani's Holi Bash

Recently many glimpses from the yesterday festivity are going viral, more of the inside visual sorts. Among the many, one of the snippet that is stealing glances of the millions has to be Priyanka Chopra who was seen striking pose with Isha Ambvani and the Ambani's daughter-in-law to be Radhika Merchant. Speaking of their outfits, Priyanka chopra was seen opting a pastel pink Bvlgari saree drape ensemble that bought both drama and Indian regality at the Holi bash. Radhika Merchant on the other hand wore a pastel tone cocktain gown and carried a red shawl. Coming up to Isha, she went all colors as it featured multiple colors from the tonal palette and we are not complaining for even a slightest bit. 

The Dinner Table scene at the Ambani's

Another visual that is stealing masses attention was the 'dinner table' scene that looked ethereal and we all know that it is Ambani's! Leaving us enthralled, the video featured a humongous dinner setting featuring a long vertical dinner table decorated with a layer of some exquisite flowers along with lit candles that made it surely striking. The dinner table scene also featured actors like Ayushmann Khurrana wearing a white blazer. Priyanka on the other hand could be seen sitting at one side of the table sharing chats with Isha Ambani. 


The Royal Dinner

The third sequence that has left people enthralling was the 'Royal Thali'. Celebrity stylist aka fashion guru Anaita Shroff Adajania has taken over her Instagram story to share the snaps of the extremely regal foods that were served at the pre-holi festivity. Featuring a traditional Indian thali, it encompassed 10 different dishes prepared by the top chefs of the country. 


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