What's on Virat Kohli's Phone? The Picture That Has Everyone Talking!

A viral video at the airport captured Virat Kohli bidding farewell to his driver. What caught everyone's attention was Kohli's phone wallpaper,a picture of Baba Neem Karoli, a revered spiritual figure.

Reported by: PTC Punjabi Desk | Edited by: Prerit Chauhan  |  July 05th 2024 02:37 PM |  Updated: July 05th 2024 02:38 PM

What's on Virat Kohli's Phone? The Picture That Has Everyone Talking!

Team India's triumphant return with the ICC T20 World Cup 2024 trophy was met with jubilation in Mumbai, as the nation celebrated their stellar performance. However, amidst the grandeur of the victory parade and the heartfelt welcomes, a seemingly innocuous moment involving star batsman Virat Kohli has sparked a flurry of discussions on social media.

After participating in the victory parade, Virat Kohli, accompanied by his family, departed for London to reunite with his wife, actress Anushka Sharma, and their children, Vamika and Akay. As he prepared to board his flight, a viral video captured a peculiar moment at the airport, which has since become a trending topic online.

In the video, Virat Kohli is seen bidding farewell to his driver as he enters the airport terminal. However, eagle-eyed viewers quickly noticed something unusual on his phone's wallpaper, igniting curiosity and speculation across social media platforms. The wallpaper displayed an image of Baba Neem Karoli, a revered spiritual figure known for his influence on luminaries such as Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs.

This unexpected sighting has prompted a wave of reactions and inquiries from fans and followers alike. Many have pondered the significance of Kohli's choice of wallpaper, especially amidst the backdrop of India's triumph in cricket and their meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Questions regarding the whereabouts of the real ICC T20 World Cup trophy have also emerged, adding an element of intrigue to the unfolding narrative.

As discussions continue to unfold, the incident serves as a reminder of the intersection between sports, celebrity culture, and spirituality in contemporary India. Virat Kohli, known for his on-field prowess and off-field persona, inadvertently sparked a deeper conversation about personal beliefs and public perception through a simple yet resonant image on his phone.


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